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Article: What Makes the Classic T-Shirt Company Unique?

The Classic T-Shirt Unique Organic Cotton Styilish Tee

What Makes the Classic T-Shirt Company Unique?

Welcome to the Classic T-Shirt Company Family!

We are a family-owned business built on the core values of luxury, quality, and integrity. When people think of The Classic T-Shirt Company, they think high quality durable garments crafted from 100% organic cotton and locally made in California. 

We develop our Organic Cotton T-Shirts through an ethical fair-trade production process that values our farmers and our workers. By purchasing a T-shirt from The Classic T-Shirt Company, you invest in our mission to shake up the fashion industry and do right in the world. 

Many companies in the fashion industry cut costs by making low quality garments that deteriorate rapidly while using exploitative practices that endanger workers and engaging in seasonal sales that lead to landfills full of discarded products. Our business does away with all of these practices, challenging as it may be.

Even with another recent rise in cotton prices, the Classic T-Shirt Company has worked to stay true to our values and ensure our product remains ethical and sustainable. 

The Classic T-shirt Company Values Sustainability

We source all of our garments from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified organic cotton. GOTS certification means the cotton we use contains no fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical dyes. Our cotton comes from stronger plants grown by healthier workers.  

The (GOTS) certification also proves our commitment to sustainable luxury products, as this certification requires at least 95% organic fiber and no bleach or other toxic substances used in the supply chain. The Classic T-Shirt Company’s commitment to high quality cotton means we create high quality garments. 

Our vision for sustainability shapes every step of our process. We never use plastics in our shipping, which is free for US customers. Instead, we use recyclable materials that reduce environmental waste. We have pledged to never do clearance sales or seasonal sales, which create garments and warehouse turnover at too fast a rate to be sustainable. Seasonal sales contribute so much harm to the environment and lead to low quality garments. By being minimalist in approach, we feel the impact of good upon the world. 

Another pledge of ours is to donate 1% of our equity, profits, and time to sustainable charities and other organizations that align with the values of The Classic T-Shirt Company. Giving back brings us joy and motivates us in our mission to create ethical T-Shirts that are fair to the people and the planet. 

We know it’s our responsibility to leave the planet better than we found it. Some causes we support include tree planting, ocean cleanup, and safe water

Charities supported by Classic T-shirt company

The Classic T-shirt Company Values Integrity

The practices used by the majority of the clothing industry have led to exploited workers. Workers elsewhere experience unsafe working conditions, unfair wages, and local environmental pollution. We at The Classic T-Shirt Company decided we needed to lead by example in creating a better future where we treat our workers with respect.

We do not outsource our labor to cut costs, as is the practice of so many larger companies in the fashion industry. We make all our handcrafted garments locally in California and our workers receive a fair wage for their labor. Our commitment to our workers means no corners are cut in creating high quality luxury garments. 

The quality of our clothes is reflected in our prices. We believe in the importance of transparency at every step in our process, including our prices. Our T-Shirts start at $58 in order to ensure that we can produce high quality T-shirt that will last you a long time while also ensuring everyone involved in producing the product earns a fair rate. Yes, this is a higher upfront cost than the fast fashion prices you may be used to seeing, but it saves you money over time by reducing the cost-per-wear of your T-shirt.  

All hand-crafted shirts at The Classic T-Shirt Company are pre-washed and pre-shrunk and have been designed to retain color and softness after dozens of wash cycles. When we say made to last, we mean it. 

By investing in one of our T-Shirts, you are guaranteed a garment that will last. We want you to feel good knowing you have supported a movement that matches your values. Together, we can change the industry for the better. 

Purchasing one of our garments makes you a member of The Classic T-Shirt Company family. Your voice matters to us and we value your opinion each and every time you suggest how we can do better. We take all feedback into consideration.

Fits well, nice colors, and looks brand new after several washes. I tossed most of my old T-shirts and live in these now.

--Sharon S. on Women's Short Sleeve T-shirt

If you ever have any issues, we offer a 100 day policy for free exchanges and returns. We want to do right by you and create win-wins whenever we can!

The Classic T-shirt Company Makes Fashionable T-shirts

We have the name The Classic T-Shirt Company for a reason--we take pride in creating luxury garments with breathable, comfortable 100% organic cotton and a highly customizable, flattering fit. 

We draw inspiration from the Eastern European high fashion world--Olga Garibian brings her experience within the modeling world to create garments for all people. The Classic T-Shirt Company’s garment has a similar cut and style to traditional men’s shirts while remaining fashion-forward and accessible to all people, regardless of body type, age, or gender.  

The Classic T-shirt Style inspo man woman

We designed the Woman’s T-Shirt to be a sustainable, versatile piece that can last for decades. Our online fit advisor option can support you with finding the exact fit for your needs. No matter the color or size, each garment offers a soft and light-weight option to your wardrobe. The boyfriend fit provides a flattering, loose cut. Did we mention how comfortable it is to wear? 

In making The Men’s T-Shirt, we prioritized comfort and long-lasting wear. This garment can be worn again and again in any number of situations to reduce your cost-per-wear. Made with versatility in mind, it’s built to last and go with anything you’re planning to wear. Whether it’s at work, out around town, or lounging at home, this T-Shirt easily goes with the rest of your outfit. 

If you are wondering what T-Shirt is for you, check our options and go with what feels most comfortable for you. The Classic T-Shirt is for everyone, regardless of if you prefer a boxier taper or a tight cut. 

The Classic T-Shirt Company is Leading a Movement

We created The Classic T-Shirt Company in order to show our daughter, Gabriella, that you can bring joy doing the right thing and create change in the world. Our customers invest in the Classic T-Shirt because it creates a win-win in their life and our shared world. The environmental impact locally and abroad cannot be understated. Your investment goes back into the hands of our workers, allowing them to support their families and communities. 

Join the movement and keep in touch with us by following The Classic T-Shirt Co on Instagram and Facebook.

There, we offer suggestions on how to maintain a sustainable wardrobe when many companies in the industry do not carry ethical options. Members of our online community share fashion advice, style tips, and sources of inspiration. We have so much pride in our growing movement! 

You’re Part of the Classic T-shirt Movement 

Our movement began here, in California, with just our family deciding how we could impact the world for the better. Along the way, tens of thousands of people have joined the journey and believed in our clothing that lasts. Without you, none of this would be possible. 

Some new installments that came directly from the community include:

These developments haven’t changed our core commitment to luxury, quality, and integrity--we always aim to do the right thing with every decision we make.

We are eager to hear from you! Tell us about your experience as a member of The Classic T-Shirt Family. If you haven’t joined us yet, but have read this far, all we can do is ask for you to invest in us and in a new way of doing business in the fashion world. Together we can create a better future.

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