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Article: The Story of a Classic T-Shirt

The Story of a Classic T-Shirt - The Classic T-Shirt Company

The Story of a Classic T-Shirt

Soft, organic, sustainable cotton. A handcrafted and embroidered garment. And a mission to make the work a better place. That’s what you choose when you choose a Classic T-Shirt.

It takes a village to make our garments. From sustainable cotton farms to your wardrobe, a lot of time, thought, and craft goes into each and every Classic T-Shirt.

Curious about the evolution from seed to shirt? Let us walk you through the story of how our garments are made.

The cotton grows naturally and organically.

T-shirts are a product of the earth. Each one begins with the small yet mighty cotton seed.

Our 100%, GOTS-certified organic cotton is free to grow naturally without GMOs and harsh pesticides. It also uses 70% less water than conventional cotton, leaving less of an impact on the earth it came from.

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Field of organic cotton

It’s spun into lightweight yet durable fabric.

Once it’s harvested, the cotton makes its way to a fair trade mill. There, it’s ring-spun into high-quality yarn and combed to soften and straighten each fiber. This creates a fabric that’s soft yet durable.

Classic T-Shirts are made from 40 single, 137 GSM thread—that means a high thread count and a tighter weave for a more breathable fabric.

The shirt is handcrafted with fair trade labor.

Then, the yarn is sent to our state-of-the-art, family-owned facility in Los Angeles, CA, where workers are provided with fair wages, hours, and conditions.

Our team handcrafts and embroiders each individual shirt—so when you get a Classic T-shirt, you’re getting the best quality plain T-shirt and a garment that’s one-of-a-kind. We use garment dye so that our shirts retain both their color and their softness.

Then, each of our shirts are pre-shrunk and pre-washed so that our customers receive a garment that’ll keep its size and shape wear after wear and wash after wash.

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Group of friends wearing luxury T-shirts

Our shirt becomes yours.

Whether you choose a V-neck or a crew tee, long sleeve or short sleeve, one shirt or a dozen, we ship out the order in 100% recycled packaging to the final member of The Classic T-Shirt Community: you.

Once that package arrives, the story of the Classic T-Shirt becomes yours.

Your shirt becomes a long-time wardrobe staple.

Make it the ultra-comfortable basic that you lounge around in. Your quick go-to for a look that’s simple and chic. Or use our blank T-shirt as a solid base for layered style.

Our boyfriend fit and semi-fitted blank tees are made to flatter. Think clean necklines, attractive drapes, and seamless finishes. Our lightweight, ultra-soft sustainable cotton is breathable and durable. Go ahead and play, walk, work, dance, and move the way you want to. And our durable fabric means your shirt will look good for a long time to come.

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Clean ocean waters

Your dollars go towards protecting the environment.

Part of every purchase goes towards preserving our planet for future generations . One percent of our profits are donated to charities that support tree planting, ocean cleanup, and safe water.

We want every member of The Classic T-Shirt community to have their say, so we invite you to tell us who you’d like the proceeds from your purchase to benefit. Tell us you want your dollars to go towards providing clean drinking water for families around the world, to preserve wildlife habitats and slow global warming, or to save marine life and protect our food chain. There’s no bad decision.

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We listen for your feedback.

We’re not just the best quality plain T-shirt manufacturer. We stay true to our brand pillars: luxury, quality, and integrity. We’re a community that values premium quality, has a sustainable and responsible mindset, and values our impact on the world—and we invite you to join us.

We value our community’s opinion and are all ears for your feedback. We feel pretty certain you’ll love your Classic T-Shirt, but if you don’t we offer totally risk-free returns and exchanges.

Friends wearing classic T-shirts

Become part of the Classic T-Shirt story.

Ready to join a community of fashion-forward people who value their impact on the world around them? Become a part of the Classic T-Shirt community. Start by browsing our collection of sustainable luxury men’s T-shirts or women’s T-shirts.

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