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Why wear organic cotton T-shirts?

organic cotton for t shirts
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You are what you eat, and you are what you wear.

If you've ever made a switch to organic food for health or environmental concerns, now you can do the same with 100 percent organic cotton T-shirts, and for the same reasons.

Wearing the best organic cotton T-shirts is healthier for the environment, the people who make those T-shirts, and the people who wear them.

Like organic food, 100 percent organic cotton T-shirts are produced according to special standards such as:

  • No chemical pesticides
  • No GMO seeds
  • Sustainable farming practices
cotton grown in the USA

Organic Cotton T-shirts Made in the USA

Did you know how much water is used to grow cotton?

According to WWF, a single non-organic cotton T-shirt and pair of jeans requires more than 700 gallons of water to produce. One reason why so much water is needed is because an estimated 73% of all cotton in the world is produced on irrigated land that can’t rely so much on rainfall.

Irrigation isn’t necessarily bad, but excessive irrigation can be problematic. Organic cotton farming aims to use all resources, including water more effectively. Ideally more organic cotton would be grown in the United States, where the rainier climate of the Southeast region can offset the need for irrigation.

However, cotton grown in the US is often genetically modified and developing organic cotton is still a work in progress. That’s why some companies like The Classic T-Shirt Company source 100 percent organic cotton from India, and then produce the shirts in the US. This guarantees that Made in USA T-shirts are made with non GMO cotton.

These 100 percent organic T-shirts are also produced without pesticides and chemicals that wash off cotton fields into rivers and oceans during industrial cotton production. It all adds up fast, especially given how much cotton is produced to meet modern demand.

And it’s not just the planet to be worried about: the people involved in making cotton are at risk too.

Many types of AZO dyes have been banned or are carefully monitored in the western world because they are known to cause cancer in humans who come in contact with them. Workers are protected from that risk when making 100 percent organic cotton T-shirts, which ban the use of AZO dyes entirely.

organically grown cotton
Of course, that means wearing a 100 percent organic cotton T-Shirt will protect your skin from these dyes too.

100 percent organic cotton T-shirts are also made without pesticides, or chemicals used to kill insects that eat crops. Generally speaking pesticides are effective--sometimes too effective because they kill more than just pests.

When rainwater washes pesticides into local rivers and groundwater sources, they cause harm fish, animals, and even people.

Instead of using pesticides, organic farming controls pests by cooperating with nature. For example, instead of a cloud of chemicals, you might see a flock of birds feasting on the insects that eat crops. That’s because organic farming focuses on creating balance like we see in nature. The organic fertilizers used to nourish the plants also create habitat for natural predators of pests, and keep the land fresh so it can be used again and again.

Suffering should never be the price for luxury. Thankfully the standards of organic farming that protect the environment also protect people by guaranteeing them fair wages and safe working conditions. Producing the best organic cotton T-shirts requires innovation and manual labor--but it’s all hard work that pays off.

Men’s Organic Cotton T-shirts

organic men's t shirts100 percent organic Cotton T-shirts are known for their quality and comfort. Customers who reviewed The Classic T-Shirt Company’s T-shirts were thrilled with how soft the fabric is--one reviewer on described the texture as “buttery smooth...a veil of lotion-y goodness!”

Given the popularity of 100 percent organic crew neck T-shirts, it’s only a matter of time before we see guys rocking organic cotton v neck shirts. The “breathability” of cotton makes organic cotton v neck shirts ideal for sports, workouts, or a hot day when you want to look especially athletic. The Classic T-Shirt Company offers semi-tailored organic v neck shirts with short-cut sleeves to really show off the build of your arms.

Women’s Organic Cotton T-shirts

organic women's t shirtMany women have made the pledge to only buy organic clothing, and they were thrilled to add 100 percent organic T-shirts to their wardrobe. Reviewers fell in love with the long sleeve crew neck for how it looks and especially how it feels when relaxing at home.

Despite the thin, light, texture, the Classic T-Shirt Company’s shirts are durable, pre-shrunk and don't change size or color wash after wash. This is due to the high quality fabric and dye process used in highly regulated facility in Los Angeles, California. What else can be expected of a made in USA T-Shirt?

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