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Article: LA-made clothing: our T-shirts are proudly Made in California

The Classic Tshirt Made in LA California Locally produced clothing USA

LA-made clothing: our T-shirts are proudly Made in California

We know the frustration. After all, how can we proudly claim ourselves to be modern, enlightened, and civilized human beings when we wear the products of someone else’s mistreatment and suffering?

And how can we groove and move when the supposedly “breathy” shirt turns into a sweaty, suffocating piece of cloth in the summer, or when that collar just can’t seem to stay in the shape it was supposed to?

Luckily, your search for a local, quality T-shirt brand made with fair labor, compassionate work conditions, and impeccable quality can end now. Because garments from Classic T-shirt Company are 100% made in California, with the forefront of LA fashion in mind from beginning to end.

In other words, Classic T-shirts are exactly what you’ve always been looking for.

Classic T-shirts Are Made in California Our Way

We never agreed to the fast fashion model that churns out T-shirts with environmentally destructive mass production. We pledge to not participate in Black Friday sales or other seasonal sales that are harmful to the environment. Instead, we create T-shirts that are wearable, durable, and sustainable.

Using 100% organic and ultra-durable cotton ethically sourced from India, our T-shirts are state-of-the-art in every aspect, from design to production. Once sourced, the cotton yarn is sent to a vertically integrated state-of-the-art facility right here in Los Angeles for knitting.

Then, the fabric goes through a premium dying process, ensuring all chemicals are azo-free and environmentally friendly. In addition, design, cutting, sewing, quality control, packaging, and other procedures are completed in-house, in California. All our products go through the most stringent quality control to fulfill our commitment to excellence.

And you bet we never forget the human aspect, ever.


Guaranteeing fair wages, reasonable hours, and excellent working conditions, we have proven ourselves with action how serious we are about being the conscience, sustainable T-shirt brand that is truly bringing changes forward. We didn’t just ask to be GOTS certified. We earned it. 

Classic T-shirts are California Made for California Lifestyle

Are Classic T-shirts really that good? Does being made in Los Angeles make a difference?  Is sustainable fashion worth it?

Those are all fair questions to ask.

Of course, we will respond with a solid “yes” sans hesitation, but don’t just take our word for it. 

Our customers are saying things like…


“Didn’t Expect to Fall in Love

Absolutely love these shirts. Didn’t expect to. I mean, really. I hang out on the GoodonYou app consistently so I know of other quality tee shirt companies. I’ve bought several shirts since my first purchase. The colors are also really flattering! That really set these shirts apart for me.” --Clarinda S.

“I purchased two of your t-shirts for my son, at his request, for his birthday. He loves them! Thank you for having great quality and for your outstanding business practices.” --Peggy M

Read what other customers say: go to reviews


Living La Vida California

We know the California lifestyle because we live it here in Los Angeles. And when it comes to what others love about us, when it comes to how others describe us, we can think about a lot of things: free, youthful, vibrant, individualistic, forward-thinking… The list goes on and on. After all, we’re talking about being the Classic T-shirt leader in a state that has its own definition of casual clothing. 

But if we had to choose one word to describe Classic T-shirts and California fashion, perhaps it would be stylish.

Yes, stylish.

California style tshirts made in LA

Because today, stylish is taking on a new meaning. Today, Californians and people who rock Classic T-shirts are redefining what stylish means. Being stylish in California is more than chasing name brands (that produce their garments from offshore sweatshops — but you probably don’t need that reminder). Here, having a style means showcasing your personality through the smallest details, outside and in. 

It’s not just what you’re wearing and where you got it from--it’s how it was made, who made it, and what that all means to you as the wearer. 

And that’s exactly what Classic T-shirts are made to be—a product so simple, free, and liberating that every fiber breathes fineness, comfort, luxury, and personality. All the while keeping the wellbeing of Mother Earth in mind.

It’s a Los Angeles Thing

There’s California… and then there’s Northern California. 

Just kidding, but also not really, because Los Angeles is one of the world’s largest culture capitals that has influenced fashion in ways beyond what Hollywood puts on the screen. It’s the people of Los Angeles who have defined the culture. 

Year after year, high-end designers have gathered in Los Angeles with their bold and daring designs. Meanwhile, fashion pioneers respond with simplicity and perfection, and a hard-hitting message of redefining a timeless look with a timely message: we’re here to represent change. 

LA Made Men’s staples

Men’s T-shirts can be so much more than a casual garment. Well-fitted Men’s  Classic T-shirts can be dressed up or down with the rest of your outfit while keeping you comfortable as much as sharp. There is an element of casualness to every outfit, but it lends to an irresistible charm telling the world you’re simply surfing life’s tide and rising high.

To take that style to a new level, check out our new additions in Men’s loungewear: French Terry knit sweatshirts and joggers made with the same sustainable cotton are now available!

Men sweatsuit luongewear made in LA

Shop men’s loungewear.

LA Made Women’s staples

There are so many possibilities when it comes to women’s T-shirts. V-neck shirts are definitely one of a lady’s favorites, for how it smoothens her energy flow with the perfect amount of foxiness.

And whoever says T-shirts are not for cute dates needs to update their mindset. During the summertime, nothing beats a breezy T-shirt plus a pair of jean shorts. And when the weather gets cold, a T-shirt naturally becomes the best layering material.

Oh, the possibilities!

Tie your hair up into a messy bun and you’ll dominate that hip street look. If it gets colder, throw a leather jacket over and add a pair of sunglasses. Or go with one of the classy urban witch looks — layer your tee with a light cardigan, put on a well-textured long skirt, grab a book and stroll down the sidewalk. Pair it all with our new additions in women’s loungewear: French Terry knit sweatshirts and joggers made with premium sustainable jersey cotton are now available in three colors!

Women sweatsuit made in California

Shop women’s collections

The Classic T-shirt Fashion Movement is taking off

The Classic T-shirt is coming back more liberating than ever with a focus on human rights and environmentalism, and we are calling you to be a part of the movement.

So, why not join us and be the change the fashion industry needed? Why not support liveable pay and a healthy work environment right at your doorstep?

But most importantly, let’s rediscover how much comfort, confidence and style a perfect T-shirt could bring. Say goodbye to unbreathable fabrics and ill fitting design. Because Classic T-shirt Company is here to change your idea of simple T-shirts once and for all.

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