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How it all started

We founded the Classic T-shirt Company to make a difference, to be a force for good,
and to show by example how you can take something as simple as a T-shirt and make it better in every way. 

The mainstream fashion industry as it exists today was built on practices that we can no longer afford to pay.
Rather than accept this, we are becoming the change we want to see in our industry and the world. 

Much of our inspiration to do this came with welcoming our daughter, Gabriella into the world.
We wanted to be an example to show her that creating change is possible.
Similarly, we wanted our company, The Classic T-shirt Company, to set an example in the fashion industry.
Not just to hold mainstream fashion accountable to do better, but to show future generations what’s possible.

Olga & Paul Garibian
The Classic T-Shirt founders


 Our values

Made locally in California

While we are proud to work with an international team and serve customers all over the earth,
every community needs a home, and ours is in Los Angeles, California.
This is not only where our founders live, but also where Classic T-shirts are made.
For us, that means more than just meeting US labor laws.
We pay living wages to all of our workers–more than the minimum wage here in California, and we far exceed environmental standards too.
Our policy is plastic-free shipping, maybe that can inspire California lawmakers to do more for our planet too.

High quality products


It’s important to us that all of our products are worth your investment.
Not just in terms of helping a local business and doing right for the planet, but for you.
When you wear a Classic T-shirt, we want you to feel good. The way it fits and feels is just as important as how it can match the rest of your outfit.
That’s why we use high quality materials and make every item with a high thread count.
This makes them softer, more durable, and gives them that unique sheen that doesn’t fade even after you wash them many times. 


Sustainable materials 

Organic is a word that gets thrown on a lot of labels, but you don’t get to be GOTS certified just by applying for it.
The rigorous standards Classic T-shirt Company adheres to in order to earn that certification cover all essential aspects of how the cotton was grown,
meaning it’s not genetically modified, no toxic pesticides or fertilizers are used, a responsible amount of water is used,
and the same land and soil can be reused harvest after harvest.
We pledge to use organic cotton, which is better for the planet and happens to make a superior product. 
All of our cotton we use to make our products is GOTS certified organic, and ethically sourced from local farms in India.



The Classic T-shirt Company is a project we hope will inspire future generations to build profitable and sustainable businesses that are a win-win for all:
you the consumer, the planet we share, and the community that we are building together.
We have always proudly pledged 1% of our profits to charities that are also making a difference, including 
Water for People,  Armenia Tree Project, and The Ocean Cleanup.
In the interest of doing our part for the environment, we not only use organic materials that don’t harm the planet,
but we also guarantee plastic-free shipping, so your orders arrive in elegant, 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.

The Classic Tshirt Eco Friendly Recycled Packaging

Five-star customer service

Our commitment to serving the environment is just as important to us as our commitment to serving our customers.
We take every single 
customer review into consideration and encourage you to do the same.

If you have questions feel free to browse our FAQ section or contact us directly.

Constant evolution

We set out to start with the basics, and once we perfected our prototype Classic T-shirt,
we branched out following recommendations and guidance from our customers.
Now we offer thicker white T-shirts, new T-shirt designs, new colors, new items and collections,
and the same, classic, high standards for quality and sustainability.
Those will never be compromised as we grow!