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Article: 15 Reasons Why a Classic T-Shirt Will Be Your New Favorite Shirt

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15 Reasons Why a Classic T-Shirt Will Be Your New Favorite Shirt

Let’s be honest: there’s no shortage of T-shirt companies out there who want your business. But at The Classic T-Shirt Company, we believe premium quality and responsibility can go hand in hand.

We’re a community of people that value luxury, quality, and integrity. Those are our three brand pillars, and we stick to them. Our high quality shirts aren’t just dime-a-dozen T-shirts—they’re luxury products that feel good and look good. Our garments are of the highest quality: organic, durable, and soft. And our brand operates with integrity: we offer risk-free purchases and we do our part to protect planet Earth.

Want to understand why men and women worldwide are buying high quality T-shirts from The Classic T-Shirt Company? Here are the top fifteen reasons.

man wearing strong lightweight cotton t shirt


      Once you’ve felt quality lightweight cotton, you’ll never want to wear anything else. All of our T-shirts are super soft and strong: they’re made of combed ring-spun organic jersey cottons and have been put through a spinning process that softens and straightens each fiber. They’re also designed to be breathable, so you can go ahead and get active without worrying about working up a big sweat. And even if you do, our high quality fabric means you don’t have to worry about yellow underarm stains. Some people say the shirts feel weightless. We can’t say we disagree.

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      No more baggy, stiff, or unflattering shirts. Our T-shirts aren’t just an easy thing to throw on in the morning: they’re made to be a fashion statement. We use a semi-fitted design for men and boyfriend fit for women because we’ve found that those are the fits that stand the test of time. You’ll never have to get rid of our T-shirts to keep up with the latest trends. Plus, you can dress our shirts up or wear them with a pair of jeans for a casual look that’s refined and put together.

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          Our high quality T-shirts aren’t churned out by machines. They’re handcrafted and embroidered with precision in the USA. A little bit of love goes into every single one of our shirts—and so does a healthy dose of quality control. We know who makes your clothes, and we’ll never send you anything that’s less than perfect.

          man and woman wearing durable T shirts

            4. THERE’S NO RISK.

              We feel pretty confident that you’ll be a big fan of your Classic T-Shirt. But if you decide it’s not for you, there’s no hard feelings. You’ll have 100 days to return your order, no questions asked, no money lost (we offer free shipping and free returns). We’ll work with you to make sure the fit is perfect, and if we can’t, there’s no risk to you.


                  Ever find the perfect T-shirt, only to have it shrink a size or change shape after its first wash? That’s an issue you’ll never have with a Classic T-Shirt. We make shirts that are there for the long haul. Each one has been pre-shrunk and pre-washed so it’ll continue to look just as good as it did the first time you wore it.

                  Hanging Cotton T-shirts

                    6. OUR COTTON IS 100% ORGANIC.

                      You take notice if your food is made with pesticides and GMOs—but do you do the same for your clothes? If you wouldn’t put harmful chemicals into your body, then why put them on it, either? Our T-shirts are made with 100% organic, sustainable cotton, free of pesticides and GMO seeds. Our cotton is GOTS certified, meaning it meets global standards for organic fibers. And all of our garments are dyed in Orange County, CA with strict standards to minimize harm to the environment and the people doing the work.

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                        7. WE TREAT OUR WORKERS AND THE WORLD WITH CARE.

                          Good fit, good fabric, good for you…and good for the world around us. That’s our goal, and we don’t quit. Our organic cotton uses 70% less water than conventional cotton, and our packaging is recycled and plastic-free. Plus, as a fair trade company, we treat our workers fairly and humanely. We support living wages, parental leave, and excellent work environments. When communities thrive, businesses thrive. We believe in treating farmers, factory workers, and the earth with respect.

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                            8.  GIVING BACK FEELS GOOD.

                              It’s not enough to tread lightly on this earth. We want to leave it better than we found it. When you buy one of our T-shirts, you support clean water, tree planting, and ocean clean up. We Pledge 1%—which means we give 1% of our time, profits, and equity to causes we believe in. You can even choose which cause your order supports, because giving back feels as good as wearing your favorite T-shirt.

                              9. YOU REDUCE YOUR COST-PER-WEAR

                              Many of our customers like to think of Classic T-shirts of an investment rather than a purchase. That’s because Classic T-shirts lead to savings over time.

                              Even though the upfront cost of a high quality organic T-shirt may be higher than a regular T-shirt, you’ll save money over time by not replacing your T-shirt as often. Remember it’s not just the ticket price of the T-shirt itself, but you’re also spending time and resources in your search for a new T-shirt. It’s more efficient to partner with a brand you can consistently trust rather than relying on an ever-changing market. Read more about how Classic T-shirts can affect your financial cost per wear here.

                              Classic T-shirts also reduce your environmental cost-per wear. Simply put, the faster consumers go through cheap T-shirts, the faster we fill up landfills. The more resources we consume buying and shipping and transporting waste. The process of making Classic T-shirts is only half the battle when it comes to having an environmental impact--how we operate within the economic ecosystem is the other front we’re fighting. One of the ways we’re doing this is pledging to do away with seasonal discount sales like Black Friday, read more about how those seasonal sales can impact the environment here.

                              10. LAYERING WITH CLASSIC T-SHIRTS FEELS GOOD

                              Layering is the art of wearing multiple articles of clothing to keep warm, or in warmer climates like our hometown Los Angeles, layering is important for protecting outergarmets from sweat. Cotton T-shirts are a game-changer for both in that they help your skin breathe so that your body can maintain a comfortable temperature. If you wear artificial clothing, heat and moisture can be more easily trapped against your skin and make you uncomfortable. Many customers are saying they love Classic T-shirts for how comfortable they are to wear under work clothes as well as winter wear. See for yourself!

                              11. YOU CAN RELAX IN CLASSIC T-SHIRTS

                              One of our customers left a review about how she loved wearing Classic T-shirts throughout the winter. The buttery smooth texture of the fabric helps many people relax, and that may be because artificial clothing may be irritating your skin. Chemical dyes and fabric softening chemicals used in inorganic cotton production might not make you break out in hives, but what if it’s irritating your skin more than you realize? Your body might get used to those chemicals to the point where you don’t notice until you try something organic instead. 

                              Woman admires a man's classic T-shirt

                              Free from harmful chemicals, organic Cotton T-shirts take out the guesswork. If your skin could talk, it would thank you for wearing a Classic T-shirt. 

                              12. YOU CAN WORK HARD IN CLASSIC T-SHIRTS

                              Remote working became the norm in 2020, and while we’re not asking who was wearing pants, we were curious about T-shirts. Many customers say they enjoyed working in Classic T-shirts not only because they’re comfortable, but of distinguishable quality from regular T-shirts. A well made, well tailored T-shirt can make that kind of difference.

                              Check out our guide to wearing Classic T-shirts at work.

                              13. LONG SLEEVE CLASSIC T-SHIRTS KEEP YOU COOL IN THE SUN

                              Believe it or not, covering up can keep you cool, even in the desert. A study conducted by researchers from Harvard and Tel Aviv University helped us understand how certain clothing, such as Bedouin robes regulate body temperature in extreme heat.

                              According to the Guardian, scientists tested the body temperature of a volunteer who stood facing the sun in the Negev desert. They found that whether the volunteer wore black robes or white robes, there was no difference in body temperature. But how was the volunteer’s body cooler while wearing the robes as opposed to wearing next to nothing? 

                              The answer lies in airflow. Every time someone wearing a Bedouin robe moves, air circulates throughout the robes and creates a sort of “chimney effect” which allows hot air to quickly escape the clothing. The same sort of thing happens wearing cotton T-shirts--as you move, the air passing over your skin can escape through the lattice of the fabric. 

                              While T-shirts aren’t designed to replace Bedouin robes to be worn in the desert, it’s great to wear long sleeve cotton T-shirts outdoors to keep the sun off your skin, especially on hot days. Just make sure your T-shirt has a comfortable fit in the sleeves--our long sleeve T-shirts are semi-fitted, which means they won’t hang too much or be too constricting.

                              Woman wearing a black Classic T-shirt

                              Does it matter which color you wear to protect against the sun? Surprisingly, the study found that black robes and white robes made no difference in body temperature, so feel free to wear any color anywhere! 

                              Check out long sleeve T-shirts for men and women!

                              14. YOU CAN STREAMLINE YOUR WARDROBE

                              • Uniform Wardrobe Ever get frustrated trying to make up your mind for what to wear? Turns out you’re not the only one. You, like many others might be dealing with decision fatigue, and one of the ways to remove that stressor from your life is to streamline your wardrobe with the same kinds of outfits.

                                For example, some customers like to have several black T-shirts that they can wear every day to work. They no longer have to think about what to wear, and that gives them more time and energy to focus on the things that matter. 

                              • Compact Wardrobe Some of our customers have also mentioned that Classic T-shirts are ideal for compact wardrobes. This is because the light material makes them easy to fold. But lightweight doesn’t necessarily mean fragile. The thread count of high quality organic cotton is what gives it both strength and flexibility. It’s hard to see with the naked eye, but if you look closely, you can see the tiny lattice of your T-shirt. The threads are expertly woven together so that the T-shirt is lightweight but strongly built.

                              • Sustainable Wardrobe For those interested in creating a sustainable wardrobe to support ethical fashion, we salute you, and Classic T-shirts can take sustainable wardrobes to the next level. There’s organic cotton, and there’s GOTS certified organic cotton, and all of our Classic T-shirts are GOTS certified, which means they have more rigorous standards to adhere to than other brands of cotton.


                              The Classic T-shirt Company is building more than just a brand, we are a growing community. As novelist Paulo Coelho once said, “the world changes with your example, not your opinion.” We believe the fashion industry needs to change, and we make it happen through our actions. We stand for what we believe in. We don’t practice seasonal discounts. We operate with fairness and integrity. And we are proud to have you join us in this movement. When you wear a Classic T-shirt, you’re setting a great example for the world to follow. 

                              group of friends walking together wearing classic t shirts

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