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Article: Best Quality T-shirts, According to You

Best Quality T-shirts

Best Quality T-shirts, According to You

It’s easy for us to claim we know a thing or two about the best quality T-shirts. We considered everything from what type of cotton makes quality T-shirts, how do we make the best fit T-shirts for women different from the best fit T-shirts for men, how should high quality T-shirts feel when you wear them? 

Many topics were covered in the planning stages of launching The Classic T-shirt Company, but ultimately, we knew the best judge of best quality T-shirts would be our customers. Don’t just take our word for it--let’s hear from the people who actually bought Classic T-shirts and were kind enough to share their thoughts in the form of a review.

Best T shirt

The fabric, fit and detail are terrific. Love this shirt and will order more in the fall!

Product Name: Womens Long Sleeve V Neck

User: Betsy

Thanks for noticing, Betsy! The detail in the women's long sleeve V neck are meant to give you a “boyfriend fit T-shirt.” A boyfriend fit T-shirt is similar to a men’s T-shirt in that it doesn’t cling too tight to the body but still accentuates your feminine features and pairs well with tons of outfits. Looking forward to sending you more this fall!

Best T-shirt I've ever bought!

I couldn't be happier with my shirt! I was pleasantly surprised how soft it was. Thinner than I was expecting but that's what makes it [so] dang comfortable! I love this company and everything they stand for. I'll forever be a customer. Bought an XL and from other reviews thought I might have preferred an XXL but since its pre-shrunk it fits perfect! Thank you so much!
Product Name: Womens Short Sleeve V Neck

User: Jodi

Jodi, we are so happy to hear you found the right fit in our Classic T-shirts. Like Jodi mentioned, all of our T-shirts are pre-shrunk so you can enjoy the same fit and comfort throughout your T-shirt’s lifetime. For more information about the fit of our T-shirts, check out our Classic T-shirt fit guide.

A woman wearing a Classic T-shirt


Absolutely the shirt i was looking for. Very soft, fits perfectly, washes well. Better than anything I have seen or tried on in the past 10 years.

Product Name: Womens Long Sleeve Crew Neck

User: Barbara

Thanks for giving us a try, Barbara! Believe it or not, your Classic T-shirts may very well last you 10 years with proper care, as the organic cotton they’re made with is designed to last as long as possible. We hope you don’t have to search in vain for a great quality T-shirt ever again! 

Quality product made in US

Ordered womens long sleeve V neck. These tees are very well made, sized properly, and feel lush. I live in south Fla and finally found a long sleeve tee that is comfortable in warm weather. This is high end fabric that feels silky. Best tee I own and will purchase in other colors.

Product Name: Womens Long Sleeve V Neck

User: Dana

South Florida is known for being hot and humid, and Dana can probably tell you wearing a long sleeve cotton T-shirt is a great way to beat the heat. By keeping sun off your skin but also letting air pass over your skin, a long sleeve cotton T-shirt can keep you just as comfortable in the hot weather as it can keep you warm in the colder months up north, or anywhere in Florida where they put the AC on full blast! Learn more about why cotton is so comfortable.

Best V-Necks!

Great quality and fit, soooo soft! My husband lives in v-necks, and out of all the brands we have these are his favorite and his go-to.

Product Name: Mens Short Sleeve V Neck

User: Alisha

Alisha, you picked a winner for your husband! Anyone looking for a great gift for their husband or boyfriend should definitely consider a Classic T-shirt. You’ll love him in it, and he’ll love to wear it. 

The best!

My white long sleeve crew is my second Classic Tshirt. I love them! Because I like my first shirt so much, I had to get one for my husband, too. I love the material, the cut, the philosophy of the company...what's not to like. While these shirts are more expensive than the usual tees, look at it this way: How much does a tee really cost when you bought it for $20 and wore it 10 times versus one of these fab shirts that you wear once or twice a week for months and months? You do the math. (My first shirt is down to $1.90 a wearing.) I will, of course, need to get some short sleeved shirts for spring. I would love to see more colors, too, please.

Product Name: Womens Long Sleeve Crew Neck

User: Suzanne

It’s hard to say it better than Suzanne--how much does a tee really cost when you bought it for $20 and wore it 10 times versus one of these fab shirts? The answer is, a lot more than just money, and that’s what makes luxury T-shirts worth it. Part of our philosophy is to make sure we provide you with the best value possible, and that’s where reducing your cost-per-wear comes in. Another key part of our philosophy is giving back to the planet, and being a company that leaves the world a better place than we found it. And of course, we can’t forget about the style. Better cut, better material, and we just launched some new colors due to requests like Suzanne’s.  

Best T-shirt in my closet right now

I ordered a black t-shirt in Large. When it arrived, I immediately tried it on and felt how incredibly soft it was. You can easily tell how amazing the quality and material is. It might just be a plain shirt but I find it suitable for both casual and semi-formal attire. Even my girlfriend enjoys picking specifically this shirt from my closet for her to borrow and wear comfortably at home. I'm also thinking of buying another one in white soon. I highly recommend this to anyone, it's a must try! 

Product Name: Mens Short Sleeve Crew Neck

User: Luis

Luis hit the nail on the head about how versatile a black T-shirt can be. High quality T-shirts are soft enough to be worn anywhere for comfort, and clean and chic enough to be worn with a sharp pair of shoes and jeans for a semi-formal outfit. If you really want to try something bold, pair that black T-shirt with a suit jacket or blazer--V neck shirts are also a great option for this type of look--we even have a guide for how to rock a suit with a V neck!

A young man in a black classic T-shirt

Tee Shirt Heaven

Soft, drapey, yet substantial. The best tee shirt I’ve ever owned. Fits like a dream everywhere, including sleeve length. I’ll never buy a tee shirt anywhere else.

Product Name: Womens Short Sleeve Crew Neck

User: Bobbie

Bobbie, it fits like a dream that you’ll never buy a T-shirt anywhere else! Anyone who’s looking for something soft, substantial, sustainable and high quality should follow your example. Thank you for taking this journey with us! 

Outstanding fit & quality

Purchased white V-neck in a Small. Sizing chart ran perfect for me, as I am 5'6", 120, 34DD. Neckline laid flat & shoulders were perfectly oversized. Body is cut straight down from armpit without any shaping. Length of shirt for my height is long, best tucked in. Fabric is smooth & beautiful. Not sheer. Worth the $$$.

Product Name: Womens Short Sleeve V Neck

User: Claudia

Thank you for mentioning our sizing chart, Claudia! Everyone’s body is different but we hoped to find T-shirt cuts that suit you stylishly. When you’re looking to find the right size for you, we’ve put together a guide for how to measure a T-shirt so that you can know what to expect from the fit. 

Best T-shirts on the Market

Seriously I have been looking for sustainable, fair trade, ethical t-shirts for so long and I do recommend these. They are SO soft and great quality

Product Name: Womens Short Sleeve Crew Neck

User: Rosa

Thanks for recommending us, Rosa! Indeed we are proudly a sustainable, fair trade, and ethical company in that our cotton is organic, our workers are paid fair wages, we use non-toxic dyes, and not an ounce of plastic in our shipping. But don’t just take our word for it, we’re proud to be recommended by reputable movements like Good on You and sustainable shoppers like Rosa.

A woman wearing a black crewneck T-shirt

My Top T-shirt Moving Forward!

Right away I was impressed by the material. Light fabric, yet the fit is still very flattering. Most t-shirts that are not too heavy don't retain their shape after wash. Soft material does not hold up and the neck tends to get really wide really quickly. This t-shirt you can wear as your top shirt or even as an undershirt if you need to. One of the best and softest "t-shirts" on the market. I'm getting more! 

Product Name: Mens Long Sleeve V Neck

User: Vahe

Great points Vahe! We take a lot of pride in how versatile our T-shirts are in that you can wear it as a standalone, as an undershirt, or both! We look forward to sending you more.

Great T-shirt made of the best of materials! Incredibly soft!!

One of the most comfortable T shirts I have worn! I had bad eczema as a child . Though I have outgrown it now, I can only wear clothes that are made of very good quality soft material. The feel of this shirt was incredible with a great fitting. Just loved it. I am very happy with the product and would highly recommend it.

Product Name: Mens Short Sleeve V Neck

User: Sourav

We are so glad to hear you are comfortable in your T-shirts, Sourav! Many people who suffer from skin disorders should also consider wearing clothes that are made of not just high quality and soft material, but organic and non-toxic certified material. The chemical softeners used in inorganic cotton production can irritate anyone’s skin, but organic cotton is known to help your skin breathe. 

Best of the Best

High quality indeed! The fabric these t-shirts are made out of feels really good. The shirt is a snug fit. It didn't lose it's color or shape after I threw it in the washer. For this price tag, you're definitely getting the best of the best.

Product Name: Mens Short Sleeve V Neck

User: John

John, thank you so much for the great compliment. We’re very happy to hear you’re satisfied with our high quality T-shirts’ quality and price! Like John mentioned, wash after wash high quality T-shirts don’t shrink or fade.

Amazing Quality and Fit

I am a t-shirt junky and have owned and tried too many t-shirts at this point. This is one of the best t-shirts i have bought in the long time. you can tell the quality just by touching it but the real magic happens when you try it. The fit was just right, and def it is going to be my go to t-shirt. Cant wait additional colors! 

Product Name: Mens Short Sleeve Crew Neck

User: John

We couldn’t agree with you more, John. The real magic happens when you put on a Classic T-shirt. If you think the fabric feels good when you run your hand over it, putting it on gives you that feeling all over. It’s magical. We’d love to hear what you think of our new colors.

The best quality T-shirts Belong In Your Wardrobe

Nothing makes us happier than seeing so many men and women rocking Classic T-shirts. The style has been around for as long as anyone can remember, but the movement we are creating together is entirely new and entirely ours and yours. We’re coming together to embrace more than just a symbol--the iconic T-shirt, the timeless fashion--we’re coming together to embrace what fashion should be: comfortable, stylish, sustainable, and satisfying. 

When you look for the best quality T-shirts, don’t just take our word for it. Listen to our community. Their feedback is what we look for as we constantly ask ourselves how we can continue to improve. From the best materials and cuts, to new colors and plastic-free shipping, our community is what shapes this brand, and drives our fashion movement forward. We would love to welcome you to join us, and hear your thoughts on how you like your Classic T-shirts. Feel free to tell us in a review, tag us on instagram or facebook, or contact us directly!

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