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Made in the USA – All of our organic cotton is sourced from premium, spinning mills. The yarn is then sent to our partner factory, a vertically integrated state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, for knitting. The fabric then goes through a premium dying process, ensuring all chemicals are Azo-free and environmentally friendly. Design, cutting, sewing, quality control, packaging, and other procedures are completed in-house before the finished products are sent to the neighboring Amazon storage and fulfilment facility.

Sustainable – This isn’t just a nice-to-have for us, it’s a deal-breaker. We’ve partnered with one of the leading, state-of-the-art factories in California that guarantees fair wages, reasonable hours, and excellent working conditions. We want everyone involved in the production cycle of our T-shirts to thrive. The more we sell, the better it is for everyone.

Quality Control – Every T-shirt goes through a thorough quality control process to ensure consistent excellence. Our T-shirts are made with care and precision, using over 20 measurements, with very strict tolerances. This means that once you’ve discovered your perfect size, you can re-order with confidence, knowing that your new T-shirt will fit you just like the last one.

Longevity – We put every batch of fabric through multiple shrink tests to create a highly accurate pre-wash spec, and then garment wash each T-shirt in order to create the desired post-wash spec. This means that our T-shirts retain their original shape and quality, wash after wash.


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