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Article: 5 Ways Sustainable Clothing Makes You More Productive

5 Ways Sustainable Clothing Makes You More Productive - The Classic T-Shirt Company

5 Ways Sustainable Clothing Makes You More Productive

“Productive people reduce the amount of daily choices they need to take by using automation: they look at unimportant priorities and reduce or eliminate choice.” -- Matt Sandrini

Clothing comes with a lot of choices; from finding the right pieces to fill your wardrobe with, to choosing how to put them together every day. Deciding what to wear is one of the most common culprits of decision fatigue, which can inhibit productivity in the workplace and in your life.

Many successful people are wary of decision fatigue and practice mitigating it as much as possible. Some of the most recognizable thought leaders in tech have found that automating their wardrobe helps them make better decisions throughout the day. From Steve Jobs to President Barack Obama, it’s not the uniform that’s been so consistent over time, but consistency itself.

By creating uniformity in their wardrobes, tech pioneers find it easier to focus on decisions that matter. Whether you don the black classic T-shirt and jeans like Jobs, mix it up with something more colorful , or keep it simple with shades of grey , you want to be sure that you’re investing in a quality wardrobe in order to truly optimize this principle. How can you reduce shopping time, frequency of purchases, and cost per wear of your T-shirt? 

Invest in an organic cotton T-shirt. 

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1. Optimize Shopping Time With Consistent High Quality

When you shop for a T-shirt, there are all sorts of brands to choose from, each with its own unique blend of fabrics. The fabrics affect how long the shirt will last, how good it looks, and how good it feels. In order to find something that ranks high in all those categories, save yourself some time by narrowing your search for T-shirts that are made with certified organic cotton. 

T-shirts that have an organic certification means they are produced according to strict standards. Organic cotton is grown with more natural processes and less chemicals, which yields a healthier crop and thus higher quality material than regular cotton. 

(Read more on why organic cotton is so comfortable here .)

T shirt T-shirt high quality t-shirt t-shirt for women t shirt for men mens t shirt womens t shirt

2. Shop Less and Reduce Cost Per Wear

Organic cotton T-shirts last longer, years longer in fact. That’s thanks to not only the high-quality material, but also the high thread count of organic cotton T-shirts. A high thread count means the fabric is more tightly woven together, which gives the material its soft and buttery feel, as well as better temperature and moisture control properties. 

Organic T-shirts don’t lose quality with every wash like regular T-shirts do, because there are no softening chemicals or plastic microfibers to wash off. This significantly reduces the cost per wear factor of your T-shirts. Instead of returning to the store to buy fresh T-shirts every so often, you can invest in one t-shirt and wear it like new time after time. The initial investment is higher, but saves you money overtime.

(Learn more about the Cost Per Wear factor here .)

3. Grab Any T-Shirt to Go With Any Outfit

One of the greatest assets of the classic T-shirt is its versatility. As a stand-alone piece, any color T-shirt can go with almost any outfit and for almost any occasion. Same goes for wearing your T-shirt as an undergarment, the classic T-shirt or V-neck fit comfortably with any outfit. Organic cotton tends to perform better than regular cotton because organic cotton does a great job of controlling temperature and moisture. 

Spend less time stressing about your outfit and more time enjoying how you feel wearing organic cotton T-shirts!

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T shirt T-shirt high quality t-shirt t-shirt for women t shirt for men mens t shirt womens t shirt

4. Using Less Time and Resources to Wash

There are different methods for washing different materials, but if everything you wear is organic you can wash everything with one setting. Organic Cotton T-shirts are best washed with cold water and can tumble dry on low heat or air dry . These methods all reduce energy costs. 

You’ll also use less detergent when washing your organic T-shirt, but it’s best to use mild detergents that don’t have harsh chemicals. Organic cotton doesn’t mix well with bleach either, but our white cotton T-shirts are dyed ultra white so that you don’t have to worry about bleaching! 

With any form of cotton, shrinkage can be an issue, especially tumble-dried on high heat settings. That said, it is possible to avoid this issue by buying a preshrunk T-shirt. Our manufacturing standards include preshrinking our T-shirts, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about!

5. You’ll Experience Better Performance Wearing Organic T-shirts—See for Yourself!

It’s no secret that when you feel your best, you perform your best. 

Our customers consistently compliment us for how comfortable our classic T-shirts and V-necks are, but the best way to discover the difference it can make for you is to see for yourself.

Don’t create any more decision fatigue! Try one today and know that your investment is 100% risk-free because your purchase comes with a satisfaction money back guarantee. Check out our collections of 100% organic cotton T-shirts for men and women !

T shirt T-shirt high quality t-shirt t-shirt for women t shirt for men mens t shirt womens t shirt

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