Steve Jobs' Story Will Inspire You to Get Your Next Set of High-Quality T-Shirts

Wearing one of our luxury T-shirts won’t exactly turn you into a Steve Jobs, you will have to accomplish that on your own.

But our soft cotton T-shirts will give you an undeniable edge from the rest. Our T-shirts will set you apart as a man of style and individuality–Something that Steve Jobs would recognize on sight.

Steve Job’s Story of Transforming his Wardrobe

It’s the 1980s. A young CEO starving for inspiration, Steve Jobs is on a mission. He heads on a flight to Japan.

His task: to beg, steal, or borrow ideas that can give his corporation a kick-start.

And there it is! It all happened during a visit to Sony’s factory. It was staring him in the face! Why hadn’t he thought of it before? A uniform!

The crisp clean Japanese uniform was going to be the thing to inspire his staff to greater heights of achievement.

But he was doomed to disappointment. When he arrived back at Apple, brim-full of enthusiasm, a new idea in hand. His staff poured cold water on it.

Did he let this get him down?

Absolutely not. He turned his idea and made it personal. To his advantage, his black uniform stuck with him until the day he died. It was the same style that the world grew to recognize instantly as his and his alone.

Yes, we’re talking about the late Steve Jobs. The same Steve Jobs the man behind the creation of Apple, the MacBook, the iPhone, and the iPad. Even since his passing in 2011, Steve Jobs’ legacy still remains through Apple, and is one of the most innovative and influential brands of our time. 

In his adult years, he made a transformation. Although his change in style evolved with his brand, his style remained consistent and classic. 

Have you ever noticed he wore the same thing in his later years? As he grew more in his career, he made a switch to wear the same clothes every day. He made himself into a creature of habit. The transition of his wardrobe set him apart in many ways. 

So, how exactly did he manage to execute this? With one man, Japanese designer Issey Miyake design. He bought 100 sweaters for his wardrobe. Jobs made Reebok sneakers and blue jeans and a black turtle neck top to complete the uniform.

You may not be a minimalist like Steve

Chances are, wearing a plain black top every single day would become boring for you.  Maybe you want to simplify your wardrobe like Steve Jobs, but with a twist of character. Thankfully, you won’t have to wear the same color as our high-quality T-shirts come in 8 different colors.

With our soft cotton T-shirts in crew neck and v-neck styled in a variety of colors, you have options–even for you non-minimalists. Steve Jobs’ concept of style can still be admired by anyone who chooses our sustainable soft cotton T-shirts

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Challenging Tradition with a High-Quality T-Shirt

When it comes to style, it’s all about perspective. Yes, the black T-shirt itself is a classic. But in terms of business casual, Luxury T-shirts have recently begun to make their breakthrough in the corporate and business world.

Steve was consistently seen sporting the sweaters at public events, during his presentations, and also in private. He was a living and walking example through the simplicity and consistency in his appearance. He lived, breathed, wore his brand–literally.

The iconic black turtleneck sweater became paramount to Steve Jobs' unique brand over the years. Steve left a legacy to industry leaders to rebel against the standard of wearing a traditional suit and tie.

Jobs’ Created a Movement Among the Successful

Steve Job’s story of his style created a movement for many of today’s CEOs. You find this trend more often now in the professional world. Men of future generations are fearlessly backing down from a traditional suit and tie look. 

While they may not go as far as wearing a black turtleneck sweater every day, you can find other successful CEOs of our time rebelling against the status quo of dressing business casual.

Our Good Quality T-Shirts Save You Time

Keeping a classic wardrobe is also very effective in decision making. When wearing our high-quality T-shirts every day, it’s time saved from constantly buying new clothes and choosing what to wear. Our luxury T-shirts are seasonless and timeless pieces.

When you consider the ease of wearing a self-created uniform through a high-quality T-Shirt, decision paralysis is ultimately eliminated. Investing in our soft cotton T-Shirts can bring you a timeless seasonless piece as well.

Good Quality Men’s T-Shirts Represent Your Purpose and Values

Steve’s black turtleneck sweater isn’t simply just a piece of clothing. His self-selected wardrobe that breathes solidarity, time management, consistency, and decisiveness, all values that Steve stood for.

Steve Job’s black sweater wardrobe is part of what made his brand iconic. It’s proven there is always room for plain colored tops in the wardrobes of the successful. For more about Steve’s values take a look at Harvard Business Reviews’, The Real Lessons of Steve Jobs’.

Steve Jobs and The Classic T-Shirt Company Comparison

Obviously, the differences are in the choice of clothing we provide. Unlike our crewneck and v-neck styles, Steve sported a turtleneck. We sell T-shirts, and Steve wore sweaters.

We provide our organic cotton shirts made in the USA, and Steve’s uniform was purchased by a Japanese designer. 

Despite our differences, as far as values go, there is a similarity between our luxury T-shirts and Apple. Apple can assure you it is an American product. The Classic T-Shirt Company also stands behind its word in providing organic cotton T-shirts made in Los Angeles, California. Apple provides luxury and a clean approach to their brand, and so do we.

Create Your Signature Look With Your Quality Men’s T-Shirts

Like Steve Jobs along and many other influential leaders of our time, that have created their own signature looks. We know it’s important for you to represent your own brand in your attire. Luckily, it’s easier to mix and match our durable-long lasting soft cotton T-shirts.

Our organic cotton T-Shirts made in the USA will support our economy. Use soft cotton T-shirts as a means to keep American dollars where they belong and bring solidarity and sustainability to your closet. 

Check out our classic luxury T-shirts and figure out your options for adding a fresh staple Luxury T-shirt to your wardrobe. Don’t wait to see what a wardrobe for success can look like for you. The time is here.

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Get your orders in now to add sustainable luxury T-shirts to your new refined look. With our soft cotton shirts, rest assured, the success you desire will be around the corner for you.

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