Are expensive luxury T-shirts really worth it?

We’re going to make a bold statement: cheap T-shirts cost a lot more than expensive T-shirts.

Let’s explain. When you buy a $9.99 shirt, you’ll soon find it shrunken, stained, and unthreading—in other words, you’ll wear it less so therefore pay a lot more per wear.

And not only do cheap T-shirts cost you a lot, they have a high cost on the world around us. They’re often made with exploitative labor and cotton that’s full of pesticides and grown in a way that’s harsh on the earth.

Bottom line: by investing in an expensive T-shirt, you do the right thing for our planet and reduce your cost per wear. And as the saying goes, you’re not rich enough to buy cheap things.

Here’s why buying expensive premium T-shirts is a choice you’ll want to make.

Field of super soft sustainable cotton

They’re made from high quality, 100% organic materials.

We’re upfront about what goes into our premium T-shirts because we believe everybody has the right to know where they’re putting their money and what they’re putting on their bodies. Our shirts are made from combed, ring-spun, 40 single, 137 GSM, 100% organic, garment-dyed cotton.

We know that’s a lot to wrap your head around, so let’s break it down.

Combed means that our cotton fibers are treated. Way before it’s even spun into yarn, our cotton is receiving star treatment. This results in material that’s stronger and more durable.

Ring-spun means that our yarn is made by a soft and strong rope of cotton fibers. Traditional cotton manufacturers twist vegetable fibers into a cheaper yarn; we twist and thin the cotton strands to create our high quality yarn. That creates a shirt that feels softer to the touch and lasts longer.

40 single, 137 GSM refers to the weight of the thread. Our high count means a finer thread, which results in a tighter weave and a more lightweight, breathable fabric.

100% organic means our cotton is totally free of harsh pesticides and uses less water than conventional cotton.

Garment-dyed means our T-shirts are made, then dyed. It’s an extensive process with serious benefits: it makes our shirts feel softer and more comfortable and also eliminates shrinkage.

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Happy couple wearing durable T-shirts

They’re durable.

We’ve already explained why our high quality fabric lasts longer and how our dying process means your shirt won’t shrink. But what does that really mean for you?

It means your high quality T-shirt isn’t just a purchase, it’s an investment that pays off. Instead of dealing with a cheap T-shirt that shrinks and comes apart and then tossing it after a few weeks or months, you’ll have a long-lasting garment that looks great for the long haul.

Plus, you won’t have to deal with other nuisances like yellow underarm stains or awkward shape-shifting. Premium T-shirts like ours are designed to look good as new long after their first wear.

They look stylish.

Many T-shirt manufacturers think of T-shirts as a standard basic—but not the best quality T-shirt brands. We view our shirts as fashion statements, and a lot of thought goes into our fit.

We use a semi-fitted design for men and a boyfriend fit for women because it’s flattering and classic. Our shirts have a drape that suits your body to provide a chic look, and our classic style means our T-shirts are immune to trends.

Rather than mass produced by machines, luxury T-shirts are handcrafted and embroidered. Care, attention, and a healthy dose of quality control goes into every single one of our products.

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Man wearing stylish luxury T-shirt

They’re sustainable and fair trade—and they give back.

Premium T-shirts are about more than a good product—they’re about a commitment to the people that make them and the communities they impact.

At The Classic T-Shirt company, we’re committed to sustainability and fair trade principles. That means our high quality T-shirts are made in a way that minimizes our impact on the earth, and our workers and farmers are treated with respect. Our T-shirts are sustainable and made in the USA at a partner fair trade facility.

We also use a portion of our proceeds to protect our natural resources. One percent of our profits, equity, and time go toward causes like ocean cleanup, tree planting, and safe drinking water.

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Related: Are expensive luxury T-shirts really worth it?

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