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Premium T-Shirts — Back to Basics

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"One cannot develop taste from what is of average quality but only from the very best." -JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE, Conversations with Eckermann

T-shirts! The vegan version of caveman fashion— it’s basic and it works.

But basic is not equivalent to boring, bad, or even mainstream. Admittedly things like basic cable TV, and basic (AKA free and janky) software apps with limited functionality, gave basic a bad rep. 

But we’ve got news for you. Basic and premium don’t have to be different versions of the subscription model.

Let’s take a look at our premium T-shirts, and explore why being basic sometimes mean stepping up your game.

tesla signifying quality

Premium White T-Shirt — the Tesla of Tees

Premium. In this case, it’s not an insurance, and it’s not the most expensive category of a software subscription. In our house, premium means quality AF. 

We’re talking the best materials, a damn sharp design, and a dignified workplace for everyone involved.

In fact, we like to think of ourselves as the Tesla of T-shirts.

You think that’s too grandiose? Well check out these specs:

  • 100% pre-shrunk organic sustainable cotton
  • Breathable fabric, with a superior softness that drapes nicely on your bony (none of that stiff, bulky BS — ain't nobody got time for that
  • Free shipping (This ain’t Wish)
  • Semi-fitted and boyfriend-fit for styles, comfort and flexibility
  • Lightweight, and durable, making it perfect for both casual wear, and demanding situation
  • And on top of that, we’re good for the environment — like Tesla.

Out T-shirt, has an environmental footprint that’s about 95% less water than your average T-shirt. How’s that for premium?


Premium Crew Neck T-Shirts — A fashion statement since the 40’s

We’ll start with the name itself. The "T" in T-shirt refers to the shape of the shirt. No one knows exactly who invented the T-shirt, or why, but by 1913 the U.S. Navy used white crew neck T-shirts as undergarments, under the uniform.

The T-shirt as a fashion statement saw the light of day in July 1942, when the cover of a LIFE magazine featured a soldier en a printed T-shirt. The 40s would follow to be a decade where veterans and soldiers off duty, would wear their crew neck T-shirts as casual wear.

Then, in 1950 the one and only Marlon Brando wore one in a film entitled A Streetcar Named Desire, making the T-shirt not just a style choice for soldiers, but the average style conscious youngster.

Premium White Mens T-Shirt – because it works

Thinking about your granddad as one of the hip cats back in the day might be hard, but never the less he was part of the generation that made T-shirts sexy.

Since the 1950’s we’ve put a man on the moon, invented video games, and hooked up the world to an invisible web of information, which we all carry in our pockets, but the T-shirt remains the same. Why?

Because it works! You don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

No one looks an Andy Warhol painting and thinks, "Oh, I’ll just optimize it a bit", because there’s no freaking need. The Classic T-shirt is one of the only universal fashion items that have survived for generations.

closeup of man wearing premium t-shirt

Premium T-Shirts vs. Conventional  — the last T-shirt choice you’ll ever make

So why would you go for a premium model for something as basic as a T-shirt?

It’s T-shirts. They’re like socks, but for your abs — we all have them, but we don’t think about it — the socks, not the abs.

Well, you know those socks you always keep in the bottom of the drawer, because they’re itchy and worn down to the point where they almost have a hole in them, but not quite?

We HATE socks like that. And it’s not just the Marie Kondo show on Netflix talking.

When you have less than perfect, T-shirts or plates for that matter, you're wasting space. These are things in your life what you don’t use because they don’t feel like you. Every time you put on an old, low-quality T-shirt, you feel like you’re not quite you. You’re not as comfortable, and you don’t feel as attractive. Face it. You’re not in the zone.

That’s the cost of a regular T-shirt. Besides the environmental and human cost, you’re paying with your physical space and your personal feeling of comfort. Worse, it’s a reoccurring cost.

You’ll be paying for it, every time you put on that regular T-shirt, and you’ll be reminded of it every time you look in the back of your closet and see it lying there, like the last stale Saltine that no one wants.

So what is a premium, expensive T-shirt? It’s the best T-shirt you’re ever going to buy.

We all know that quality trumps cheap. If you aim for quality products in things as basic as you T-shirt, not only are you helping others to a healthier, more dignified life, you are also showing yourself that you are better than that cheap crap.

I mean, you’re not really gonna order that janky T-shirt on Fashionova, are you?

When your basic stuff works, you work. So make it work.

And as a bonus, with the best quality T-shirts in your closet, you don’t have to worry about what to wear if you get a last-minute right-swipe. We’ve got your back. 

In the words of William Shakespeare: Come, give us a taste of your quality.

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