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Article: Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: T-shirts Every Woman Should Own

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: T-shirts Every Woman Should Own - The Classic T-Shirt Company

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: T-shirts Every Woman Should Own

The necessity of a good T-shirt: You’ve heard the country songs about them. You’ve read every list in every magazine about how important T-shirts are. You probably own at least one or two, or maybe ten of them. But how do you know a truly exceptional quality T-shirt when you find it? And what determines that you have, in fact, found “The One”?

A Classic T-shirt is one of the most versatile items of clothing in a woman’s closet. Every woman should own a few types of Classic T-shirts in their fashion arsenal. The chameleon of a wardrobe, a soft, cotton T-shirt can take you anywhere you want to go with just a few simple changes. Women often report tees and tops take up the most space in their closets, but to wear a quality T-shirt or not shouldn’t be the choice that takes up the most space in their daily decisions. Let’s make it simple: these are the T-shirts every woman should own:

T-shirts Are a Woman’s Most Versatile Accessory

A T-shirt is one of the most effortless and adaptable pieces of clothing a woman can own. Whether you are at the office daily or work from home, they can be the most resourceful part of your capsule wardrobe

Dress it up, dress it down, add some accessories. Throw on some nice pants and a blazer then make your way to work. If you change the blazer into a jean jacket, you can take your classic white shirt from the workplace right to dinner. On the weekend, add some jeans and sandals, knot the front, and head straight to the movies. 

Regardless if your style is professional or casual, no matter where you go or what you do, you likely reach for a T-shirt or V-neck a few times a week. They are a staple item of clothing, the kind of top that every woman should have in her closet, and thankfully there are many to choose from: Crew necks, V-necks, short sleeve T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts... 

There is a style, fit, and color for every woman. 

Classic T-shirts offer T-shirts for women that embody simplicity wrapped in both comfort and elegance. A flawless style that appears to have taken some time, yet with very little effort. Here are some T-shirts every woman should own:

Crew Neck T-shirts for Women

A crew neck T-shirt isn’t just comfortable to wear, it’s essential to have. Modest and practical, you can redefine a crew neck tee for any event or season. 

  • A soft light-pink crew neck shirt carries you from Spring into Summer, but adding a maxi skirt really adds to your warm-weather look. 
  • Throw on your favorite cardigan or jacket, and a green or navy one can take you to fall. 
  • You can easily adapt a basic crew neck tee for any event or holiday year round.
    The classic tshirt every woman should own crew neck
Shop women’s crew neck T-shirts

V-Neck Shirts for Women

The V-neck. Classy, with a little bit of edge, a V-neck T-shirt can truly elevate your style with a laid-back look. A V-neck is a wardrobe essential that can transform your style with very little effort. 

  • Pair it with some linen shorts for a casual option or some distressed denim for a more relaxed feel.
  • Size up one or two sizes and throw on a pretty detailed tank underneath for an off-the-shoulder dressy look. 
  • In warmer months a v-neck T-shirt can provide more breathability from the more open neckline.
Shop women’s V-neck T-shirts

The Classic White T-shirt for Women

Enter—the one they write most of the songs about—the white T-shirt. It doesn’t get much more classic than this. Some prefer their white tee to be form-fitting and stylish, while others opt for a more loose fit. Either way, it is a closet necessity and you can’t go wrong for whatever occasion you choose it for as long as you have the right accessories. 

  • Paired with a pencil skirt and bold earrings, all eyes in the presentation will certainly be on you for your professional and comfortable look.
  • Change into jeans and you’re ready for a concert in the park.
  • An oversized white T-shirt, black leggings, and some comfortable sneakers make the perfect outfit for an afternoon of running errands.

the classic white tshirt every woman should own

Get your women’s Classic White T-shirt

Neutral Colored T-shirts

If you shy away from bold or bright colors in your everyday fashion choices, a soft neutral tee is the way to go. 

  • Slip on a button-up over top, the perfect wide-brimmed hat, and an oversized tote for a more beachy vibe. 
  • Grab a luxurious sand or light-grey shirt and perfectly pair it with some linen pants to complete your boho style. 
  • A pair of strappy heels, sandals, or boots will definitely level-up your look with any neutral colored women’s T-shirt. Don’t forget the delicate gold necklace to complete your outfit! 
Shop neutral women’s T-shirts

Colorful T-shirts for Women

If a pop of color is more your preference, look no further. These warm sky-blue, bold copper, or deep burgundy tees are what you need to have you feeling totally calm on date night, and anywhere else you choose to take them. 

These vibrant, tasteful colors fit just right with a confident attitude. Cuff the sleeves or knot the front for a more carefree feel. But the way you feel when you slip on one of these bold tees will certainly have you grabbing for them on the regular. 

the classic colored tshirt v neck every woman should own

Shop colorful women’s T-shirts

Cozy T-shirts For Women

Crew neck or V-neck, these high quality breathable long sleeve T-shirts for women fit perfectly into your style during cooler weather.

  • Parties, football games, or even a dressy dinner out, go right ahead and layer them underneath a sweater or blazer. They will still be the simplistic stunner of your outfit choice. 
  • Like a simple tee, these long sleeves pair well with some bold accessories. Have an office holiday party coming up? Tuck your cold weather T-shirt into an elegant lace skirt, top it with a belt and some black stiletto boots and you’re dressed to impress. 
  • Even if you have nowhere to go, a soft, crew neck long-sleeve T-shirt pairs best in the winter with some cozy sweatpants curled up on the couch with a good book or a movie. 

classic cozy long sleeve tshirt every woman should own instagram

Shop cozy T-shirts

Conclusion: Every Woman Should Own Classic T-shirts

More often than not, a Classic T-shirt is the easiest, most comfortable wardrobe decision to make with the least amount of work. Finding a T-shirt that is luxurious, sustainably sourced, and soft cotton shouldn’t be the most difficult fashion choice you make every day. The ones listed above check all the boxes of this necessary capsule wardrobe staple. 

Grab yourself a few of these perfectly fitted, stylish T-shirts and wear them however you like! 

For more style inspiration check out our complete guide to Women’s T-shirts.

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