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Article: How to Wear a Classic T-shirt Working From Home

How to Wear a Classic T-shirt Working From Home - The Classic T-Shirt Company

How to Wear a Classic T-shirt Working From Home

What do you wear when you work from home? Is it professional to wear a T-shirt while working from home? Is a Classic T-shirt better to wear working from home than a regular T-shirt? Does a Classic T-shirt make you look more professional?

What if nobody’s watching? 

There’s no right or wrong answer, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options, you’re not alone. 

There is a phenomenon commonly known today as “decision fatigue.” Social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister invented the term to describe how people can become physically and mentally exhausted from being faced with too many choices. Deciding what to wear may not seem like a big deal, it might not be keeping you up at night, but everything adds up. Especially during these times, when many psychologists say decision fatigue levels are higher than usual. 

It’s important to minimize decision fatigue, because those who suffer from it may be more prone to giving into temptation and making irrational decisions.

Even if deciding what to wear doesn’t seem to be taking a toll on your mental health, freeing up some extra headspace by streamlining what you wear can help you be more productive while working from home. Pick your outfits out in advance--pick interchangeable articles of clothing--something that’s comfortable and casual but not too casual. 

We can’t think of anything that fits that criteria better than a Classic T-shirt. 

Who Cares if Nobody’s Watching? It’s More Comfortable to Wear Classic T-shirts Working From Home

Organic Cotton T-shirts do a great job of regulating your body temperature and keeping you comfortable. The high quality fabric feels breathable and helps prevent excessive sweating and doesn’t irritate your skin the way regular T-shirts sometimes do.

The classic fit of a Classic T-shirt is the perfect balance of loose-feeling, well-fitting. That way your body feels activated without being restricted while wearing a Classic T-shirt. 

Classic T-shirts are designed to be versatile, many people use the same T-shirt for different occasions. Others like to color code their T-shirts according to their use. 

For example, John wears men’s white T-shirts as undergarments and to bed, but he loves wearing his black V-necks to work.

Jane likes wearing her blue women’s long sleeve classic T-shirts to work because it matches her blazer, and her white women’s long sleeve classic T-shirts when hanging out with friends. 

Are T-shirts Too Comfortable To Wear Working From Home?

Many people like to wear their favorite T-shirts to bed, and a lot of our customers say they like to sleep in our classic T-shirts because of how comfortable they are. Those who like to wear Classic T-shirts to bed typically buy a size up so that the T-shirt fits more loosely. Whereas if you’re planning to wear your Classic T-shirt as an undergarment or standalone piece, it’s best to choose the right fit. 

There’s no rules when it comes to dressing for bed or lounging around the house, but when it comes to working from home, even if you’re not meeting with anyone, we recommend wearing a Classic T-shirt with a classic fit that is not too baggy and lays perfectly on your shoulders, so that you look and feel your best.

To learn more about choosing the right T-shirt for the right occasion, check out our Men’s T-shirt guide and Women’s T-shirt guide.

How to Figure out Your Work From Home Style 

Some may say it takes a keen eye for fashion to be able to pull off wearing a T-shirt to work, we say it takes organic cotton and high quality fabric. As we always say, when it comes to wearing T-shirts by themselves, quality can be the difference between tacky and tactful. 

Especially when it comes to the upcoming cold seasons. 

Winter weather means sweater weather, and cardigan sweaters are becoming especially popular among both men and women to wear to the office or to work at home. Regardless of the color of your cardigan, you can make it stand out nicely by wearing a high quality black or white T-shirt underneath--but make sure that T-shirt is looking fresh!

If your T-shirt’s color starts to fade, (which happens to most regular T-shirts after a few washes - but not ours) it will throw off the contrast between your T-shirt and your cardigan--your whole outfit would look faded as opposed to fresh. 

Generally speaking, as standalone pieces, black, grey, and navy blue T-shirts are generally safe options regardless of your age, gender, or skin tone. Just make sure you get a T-shirt that’s preshrunk and pre-washed so that you can count on it looking fresh wash after wash.

Not A Work From Home Uniform, but Uniformity

You can simplify a lot of decisions by creating uniformity in your wardrobe. Just put on your favorite T-shirt knowing it will pair perfectly with anything else you want to wear and get right into your routine. 

Ideally you’ll wear high quality T-shirts. Not only do high quality T-shirts feel better physically, high quality T-shirts look better with their classic fit and beautiful sheen. They pair nicely with winter fashion staples, and keep you comfortable day and night. 

Can you wear a T-shirt while working at home? We say absolutely. It all comes down to wearing the right kind of T-shirt for the occasion. And we’d say any and all of our Classic T-shirts are a great fit for working at home.

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