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Article: The Classic T-shirt Holiday Gift Guide

The Classic T-shirt Holiday Gift Guide - The Classic T-Shirt Company

The Classic T-shirt Holiday Gift Guide

I can’t wait to introduce my family to Classic T-shirts this year. My Dad wears the same regular T-shirts over and over again. When I was a kid he used to brag that he had T-shirts that were older than me. But recently Dad was complaining that his T-shirts don’t seem to last as long, sometimes they’re not as comfortable. 

“They just don’t make T-shirts the way they used to,” he said.

“That’s right, Dad they don’t,” I said, “but some companies make better T-shirts.” 

I didn’t want to ruin the surprise, but think he’ll know what I meant when he puts on his first Classic T-shirt this holiday season. 

Classic T-Shirts Make A Perfect Holiday Gift For Anyone

This holiday season is different. So instead of making travel plans, I made gift plans. How can I find something that’s unique, special to the person and something that will last a long time?

My sister is an excellent gift-giver, and she pointed out that a Classic T-shirt checks all those boxes. We tried getting graphic T-shirts before, but Dad doesn’t like how they fade so quickly in the wash. Besides, he prefers the aesthetic of plain T-shirts. 

So we decided to put the humor into the card. Feel free to borrow from this if you’re thinking about getting one of your family members a holiday T-shirt gift. 

“Dear Dad,

We know how you love to get into the Christmas spirit with “holey T-shirts,” but we wanted to get you a high quality T-shirt upgrade. Now you can wear a comfortable T-shirt that won’t get holes in it after a few wears. This high quality men’s T-shirt is made of 100% organic cotton, so it’s made to last. It’s preshrunk and pre dyed so you won’t have to worry about it looking faded or unfitting… Mom will appreciate it. She always mentions how she likes you in your nice T-shirts. Well, this one is even nicer. And it will stay nice. Someday I expect you’ll tell your future grandkids you have a Classic T-shirt older than they are. 


Jason & Rachel

Classic T-Shirts Are a Great Gift For Athletes 

My cousin Dillon just started playing football. I remember when I played football and my aunt gave me a super comfortable T-shirt. 

“Try it on,” she said, and she was right. I couldn’t take it off the rest of the day, and it instantly became my favorite T-shirt to wear under my pads for cold games, and even on hot summer days to keep the sun off my back while playing basketball. 

Unfortunately that T-shirt wasn’t organic cotton (the Classic T-shirt company wasn’t around back then) so it only lasted a year before it fell apart. I learned that the company that made it used chemicals to soften its cotton whereas modern, sustainable organic cotton brands like The Classic T-shirt company use organic cotton, which is a healthier crop that produces a naturally soft and more durable fabric. This means you get the same if not better comfort, and your Classic T-shirt lasts longer.

Classic T-shirts make excellent activewear for adults too. I hung up my cleats years ago, but I still go to the gym with my girlfriend. She used to work out in spandex, but once she went organic cotton, all other fabrics were forgotten. She says she likes how the classic fit of a Women’s Classic T-shirt fits to her body and the breathable fabric is especially comfortable with a sports bra.

She also said that if anyone’s looking to get their boyfriend or husband the perfect Men’s T-shirt holiday gift, try a Men’s black V-neck

“It’s always good to give your man a gift you can enjoy too,” she said. 


Classic T-shirts Are a Great Sustainable Gift

My Aunt Amelia is one of the most environmentally conscious people I know. She even made her own coat for the winter, because she said she felt too guilty buying into unsustainable fashion.

This year I’m introducing Aunt Amelia to the Classic T-shirt company, which uses GOTS certified organic cotton to make all their T-shirts. Organic farming practices don’t hurt the environment because they don’t use harmful chemicals or GMOs, and they actually help the environment by enriching the soil.  (Learn more here

Your most environmentally conscious relatives, friends, and colleagues will always appreciate environmentally friendly gifts, and I think they would be impressed to learn about how your gift helps the Classic T-shirt Company shake up the fashion industry.

Give a Gift of Comfort that Keeps on Giving

Expecting an itchy sweater for Christmas? A Classic T-shirt is perfect to wear underneath to keep you comfortable. Sweater traps in a lot of heat and the T-shirt keeps your skin feeling free and breathable. 

This also applies to wearing a Classic T-shirt under work clothes. A Classic T-shirt can be a game-changer for ladies who say the office is too cold, or gentlemen who want the perfect undergarment to keep their shirts fresh, and anyone who’s working remotely or from home!

The bottom line is, the T-shirts are built to last and maintain their freshness over time. Whoever receives your gift will be able to treasure it throughout the holiday season and years to come! (Just remember to tell them not to use any bleach!)

Classic T-shirt gift

A Classic T-shirt Family

It’s sad I don’t get to see my family this year, but having a gift that’s perfect for everyone has made shopping easier and more convenient than ever. I feel good knowing they’ll be able to use it, whether playing sports, working from home, or enjoying some guilt-free fashion, I guess you could say we’re becoming a Classic T-shirt family.

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