Hollywood Dad Style: 4 Ways to Style a Classic T-Shirt with Your Kid

As unbelievable as it might be, the best part of summer is almost here–Father’s Day!  Many dads in the world, unfortunately, have no class, and their dad style is outdated and misguided, to say the least.

You may be getting older, that doesn’t mean your style has to announce it.  Like they say, "men age like wine".

Debunking the dad outfit myth

So destroying the myth of dads lacking style is crucial. Your dad outfit will defy these myths instead of supporting them. It’s about time the trend of the quirky dad style is put to rest.

You on the other hand want to put effort into what you wear. But you want to take it to the next level for your day with your kids included. It's about time to create a fresh signature dad outfit look. 

Hollywood Dad Style Inspiration

It's the perfect time to take notes from world-renowned fashion-forward men. Fashionable dads that value comfort and style. If you have plans for Father's Day, you can make a Classic T-Shirt work for you.

For some dads, it could mean the kids are already getting packed to head to the Airbnb villa booked for next week.  

Some dads may await the smell of hot steaks on the grill for Father's Day dinner. So they opt-in for a Father's Day staycation at home with family. 

Others might find a happy medium of staying local with family beach fun and to set sail on the family yacht.

Classic T-shirts worn by fashionable Hollywood dads are the top tier inspiration you need.  So regardless of what your plans are for your big day, there’s a final touch left–your outfit. 

Time to embrace your dad style

With all the hard work you do, you deserve to arrive in style on Father's Day. And so do your kids! Just about all dads of Hollywood have been photographed in classic T-shirt looks with their kids.

Father's Day is all about celebrating you. Your luxury, your comfort, and your unique style.

What better way to accomplish it than by getting inspiration from none other than the dads of Hollywood?

Here we highlight T-shirts for dads in Hollywood alongside their kids. Let’s get into Hollywood's ways of putting the proverbial dorky dad style to rest.

The father-daughter dad style

There’s nothing more admirable and precious than seeing a Father and his daughter together. Take a further look at these fashionable dads and their daughter’s classic T-shirt styles. 

Kanye West’s Dad Outfit: "minimalist leisure"

dad style

Rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West, was photographed off guard and in style during nap time with his daughter as a tot.

The occasion: Around the house, in leisure time

The dad outfit: 

  • A dark gray classic long-sleeved T-shirt 
  • A simple gold neck chain to mix in luxury with leisure. 

The daughter outfit: 

  • A gray long-sleeved T-shirt 
  • A pair of gray matching leggings

If this simple look suits your taste, make sure you check out our mens grey crew neck T-shirts.

David Beckham’s dad outfit: "comfortable street style"

T-shirts for dadsNearly 10 years ago David Beckham was candidly shot with his daughter in his arms while shopping in France.

The occasion: Shopping

The dad outfit: 

  • A gray short-sleeved T-shirt
  • A gray matching knit beanie
  • Dark jeans
  • Black classic sunglasses

The daughter outfit:

  • A plaid dress
  • A lime yellow sweater
  • Lime yellow matching shoes

This look here may be a great style to adopt for fall. Pro-tip: to create a summer look, substitute the beanie with a gray matching summer cap to top off a summer monochromatic look.

Accomplish this look with a short-sleeved crew neck T-shirt in light gray.

T-shirts for dads

The father-son dad style

Your son is your spitting image. You’ve taught him everything you know.

This Father’s Day you both want to make it memorable. You want to celebrate it in style. Take these dad outfit tips from these Hollywood dads and sons.

Chris Helmsworth’s Dad Outfit: "beachside comfort"

Hollywood actor, Chris Helmsworth, was recently photographed back in May barefoot along the beach taking his son by the hand.

The occasion: A day at the beach

The dad outfit: 

The son outfit: 

  • A dark navy T-shirt 

Being a fashionable dad can be living in sync with your lifestyle. If you love to surf, swim, and relax in style, be sure to get your organic cotton crew neck and v neck T-shirt’s from the Classic T-shirt Company to help recreate this dad style. 

If you’re unsure of what T-shirt styles we have, check out our different T-shirt styles.

Mark Wahlberg’s dad outfit: "all-American casual" 

Popsugar.com features a snapshot of Mark Wahlberg and sons on the way to grab lunch on a clear day. This look is an appropriate t-shirt for dads who want a more relaxed Father’s day outing. His Look is casual, meets masculine, meets all-American all in one.

The occasion: Lunchtime casual

The dad outfit: 

The sons' outfit: 

  • Gray and pink graphic T-shirts
  • Dark blue jeans and black jeans
  • Sneakers.

To pull this look off, grab a short sleeve crew neck classic T-shirt. And inquire about how to personalize your T-shirts for a custom look of your own.

A luxurious dad style is an every day essential

T-shirts for dadsWith all the blood sweat and tears, you sacrifice for your loved ones you have earned every ounce of luxury you wear. Express your style at just Father's Day would be a mistake. The key element of Hollywood dads style is, it's an everyday look.

Make your signature dad style an every day luxury to your life. From shoes to hats, to watches, and of course, high-quality T-shirts. Let our 100% organic cotton T-shirts made in the USA fit your unique dad style for all occasions.

Need to tailor your fashionable dad look on the side of luxury? 

Embrace your dad style for a more formal occasion, check out how to wear a suit with a v neck.

Take it from these Hollywood dads and let your kids follow in your footsteps with a high-quality T-shirt this Father’s Day. Don’t let your signature dad style it end on Father’s day,  take it with you every day.

T-shirts for dads

The Classic T-shirt Company is helping you bridge the gap of comfort and prestige this Father’s day with the best t-shirts for dads on the market.

We can assure you our T-shirts are quality:

  • 100% pre-shrunk organic sustainable cotton
  • Breathable fabric, with superior softness and structure for your build
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  • Environmentally friendly

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