8 Reasons Why a Classic T-Shirt Will Be Your New Favorite Shirt

Let’s be honest: there’s no shortage of T-shirt companies out there who want your business. But at The Classic T-Shirt Company, we believe premium quality and responsibility can go hand in hand.

We’re a community of people that value luxury, quality, and integrity. Those are our three brand pillars, and we stick to them. Our high quality shirts aren’t just dime-a-dozen T-shirts—they’re luxury products that feel good and look good. Our garments are of the highest quality: organic, durable, and soft. And our brand operates with integrity: we offer risk-free purchases and we do our part to protect planet Earth.

Want to understand why men and women worldwide are buying high quality T-shirts from The Classic T-Shirt Company? Here are the top eight reasons.

man wearing strong lightweight cotton t shirt

    1. The fabric is super soft, strong, and lightweight.

      Once you’ve felt quality lightweight cotton, you’ll never want to wear anything else. All of our T-shirts are super soft and strong: they’re made of combed ring-spun organic jersey cottons and have been put through a spinning process that softens and straightens each fiber. They’re also designed to be breathable, so you can go ahead and get active without worrying about working up a big sweat. And even if you do, our high quality fabric means you don’t have to worry about yellow underarm stains. Some people say the shirts feel weightless. We can’t say we disagree.

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      2. The style is timeless.

      No more baggy, stiff, or unflattering shirts. Our T-shirts aren’t just an easy thing to throw on in the morning: they’re made to be a fashion statement. We use a semi-fitted design for men and boyfriend fit for women because we’ve found that those are the fits that stand the test of time. You’ll never have to get rid of our T-shirts to keep up with the latest trends. Plus, you can dress our shirts up or wear them with a pair of jeans for a casual look that’s refined and put together.

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        3. Our T-shirts are handcrafted.

          Our high quality T-shirts aren’t churned out out by machines. They’re handcrafted and embroidered with precision in the USA. A little bit of love goes into every single one of our shirts—and so does a healthy dose of quality control. We’ll never send you anything that’s less than perfect.

          man and woman wearing durable T shirts

            4. There’s no risk.

              We feel pretty confident that you’ll be a big fan of your Classic T-Shirt. But if you decide it’s not for you, there’s no hard feelings. You’ll have 90 days to return your order, no questions asked, no money lost (we offer free shipping and free returns). We’ll work with you to make sure the fit is perfect, and if we can’t, there’s no risk to you.

                5. The shirts look great long after purchase.

                  Ever find the perfect T-shirt, only to have it shrink a size or change shape after its first wash? That’s an issue you’ll never have with a Classic T-Shirt. We make shirts that are there for the long haul. Each one has been pre-shrunk and pre-washed so it’ll continue to look just as good as it did the first time you wore it.

                  organic fair trade cotton t shirts

                    6. Our cotton is 100% organic.

                      You take notice if your food is made with pesticides and GMOs—but do you do the same for your clothes? If you wouldn’t put harmful chemicals into your body, then why put them on it, either? Our T-shirts are made with 100% organic, sustainable cotton, free of pesticides and GMO seeds. Our cotton is GOTS certified, meaning it meets global standards for organic fibers. And all of our garments are dyed in Orange County, CA with strict standards to minimize harm to the environment and the people doing the work.

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                        7. We treat our workers and the world with care.

                          Good fit, good fabric, good for you…and good for the world around us. That’s our goal, and we don’t quit. Our organic cotton uses 70% less water than conventional cotton, and our packaging is recycled and plastic-free. Plus, as a fair trade company, we treat our workers fairly and humanely. We support living wages, parental leave, and excellent work environments. When communities thrive, businesses thrive. We believe in treating farmers, factory workers, and the earth with respect.

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                            8. Giving back feels good.

                              It’s not enough to tread lightly on this earth. We want to leave it better than we found it. When you buy one of our T-shirts, you support support clean water, tree planting, and ocean clean up. We Pledge 1%—which means we give 1% of our time, profits, and equity to causes we believe in. You can even choose which cause your order supports, because giving back feels as good as wearing your favorite T-shirt.

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