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Why should I care about fair trade T shirts?

fair trade cotton for t shirts
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If the shirt fits, wear it. Right?

Not so fast. Considering your T shirt’s style, fit, and cost are no-brainers. But are you thinking about how it was made?

When you choose a fair trade T shirt, you choose a product that’s produced the right way. Everything involved in the creation of the shirt—the earth from which the cotton is sourced, the farmers who harvest the cotton, and the workers who make the shirt—are treated fairly and ethically.

That means your dollars are supporting fair trade principles like empowered communities, sustainable incomes, and environmental preservation. Fair trade shirts don’t just fit right—they feel right.

Why does fair trade matter?

Fair trade is about more than a seal. It’s about protecting our environmental resources and treating people with care and respect.

Last year, Fair Trade USA helped nearly a million farmers and workers achieve better working environments. The fair trade movement is responsible for improving communities through income sustainability: when workers are being paid and treated fairly, the communities around them thrive.

Companies that are committed to fair trade say no to taking advantage of the vulnerable to make a quick buck. They’re OK with increasing their prices if it means protecting their farmers and workers and producing a better product. They view their business as a part of the community, not just a way to make money.

Fair trade businesses commit to better communities, and in doing so, create a better world.

organic fair trade cotton yarn

What are organic fair trade T shirts?

Here at The Classic T-Shirt Company, we sell only fair trade organic T shirts. So what exactly does that mean?

It starts with the cotton. Ours is high quality and organic, meaning it was grown in a way that’s friendly to our earth. No harsh pesticides. No destruction of soil fertility.

Plus, it saves on average 27 gallons of water compared to conventional cotton. In fact, in 2015 alone, organic cotton farmers saved a total of 218 billion liters of water—or 87,201 olympic-sized swimming pools worth!

From there, the cotton makes its way to a spinning mill to be made into yarn. We source 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India. Once we’ve sourced the yarn, it’s sent out to our state-of-the-art, family-owned partner factory in Los Angeles, California, where all employees are guaranteed fair wages, hours, and conditions. We honor parental leave and have zero tolerance for child labor.

There, our organic fair trade and GOTS certified cotton T shirts are knit, dyed with environmentally-friendly chemicals, designed, cut, sewn, and inspected for quality before being sent out to our fulfillment facility. And from there, they’re delivered to you in recycled packaging.

Want to learn more about our process and commitment to organic and fair trade principles? You can find the answers to your questions here. We’re dedicated to improving each step of the supply chain: whenever an option to improve conditions for people or the environment presents itself, we’ll be the first to take it.

fair trade t shirt manufacturer

How can I find fair trade T shirt companies?

Many fair trade T shirt manufacturers will stamp their product with the Fair Trade seal. You can also check out a company’s website or Google them to determine whether they’re Fair Trade Certified™ or committed to fair trade values like livable wages and environmental conservation.

Another easy way to find ethical T shirts is through Good on You, an app that connects customers with fashion brands that are dedicated to making choices that improve the world. The Classic T Shirt Company is rated “great” for our transparency and commitment to sustainability and good worker conditions.

The Classic T Shirt Company was founded by Paul and Olga Garibian, parents with a background in fashion and technology, to set an example for our daughter, Gabriella. We made it our mission to sell T shirts that are fashionable and good for the world.

As part of our mission, we also give back. We dedicate a portion of our time and profits to initiatives like ocean clean-up, safe water, and tree-planting. We believe in leaving the world better than we found it—for Gabriella, and for the future.

fair trade t shirt

Fair trade plain T shirts, fair trade cotton T shirts, and more…

Choose a fair trade T shirt that’s not just ethical, but comfortable and fashionable.

The Classic T Shirt Company is synonymous with luxury: our shirts are made from fine natural fabric that feels soft and light, yet stays strong despite daily washes and wears. Our semi-fitted for men and boyfriend fit for women designs mean your shirt won’t be too loose or too tight—you’ll be able to move, play, and live life comfortably while looking your best.

Ready to find a T shirt you’ll feel good about? Check out our fair trade men’s T shirts and women’s T shirts for a selection of fair trade long sleeve T shirts, crew tees, V-necks and more.


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