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Article: Best Classic T-shirt Customer Reviews

Best Classic T-shirt Customer Reviews - The Classic T-Shirt Company

Best Classic T-shirt Customer Reviews

What a year it’s been! 

It’s been challenging times for a lot of people. We’ve learned a lot as a company and as we reflect on the year behind us, we still feel that there’s a lot to be grateful for. We’re grateful to have steered the ship through the storm and to be able to continue ethical business practices, and we’re most grateful for the community our customers have helped us build. 

We take your feedback to heart--our site has over 300 reviews, and we read all of them. 

Here are some of our favorites:

YAY! We found it!

Review by Brandi S. 

The best tshirt! We tried several tshirt brands and finally found this one with a great recommendation from Good On You. The shirts are soft, perfect length, cool colors, great weight (esp for wear in Hawaii). Fast shipping, in eco friendly packaging. Do not hesitate. This is the shirt you’ve been searching for.

On Mens Short Sleeve Crew Neck

Finding your favorite T-shirt can be a journey! There’s so many options to choose from, and in order to strike the balance that Brandi describes, we’ve found it’s best to work with quality materials. Looking for some guidance in finding your favorite T-shirt? Check out our T-shirt style guides for men’s T-shirts and women’s T-shirts.

 Friends wearing white Classic T-shirts

Liked a lot of things about this tshirt

Review by Yana 

At first I was a little skeptical about buying this tshirt, being that it’s on the more expensive end, but it definitely seemed like the case of you get what you pay for. Liked the shirt material. Washed well (I think it even says preshrunk on them). Packaging was nice too (unlike some of the other apparel I’ve gotten from Amazon). Glad I went with a Crew neck, looked good, especially since it’s a more loose fit tshirt. Also kinda cool that they’re made in the U.S and are an ethically conscious brand, thats always a plus for me personally. But yeah anyway, good shirt. Made it my Christmas week pajama shirt because it was just so darn comfy and I kept wanting to lounge in it lol. 

On Womens Long Sleeve Crew Neck

Yana’s feedback shows how Classic T-shirts make a great holiday gift that can be enjoyed during the season and beyond. We hope you have a relaxing holiday and that you’ll be able to enjoy the same comfort throughout the new year! Join the conversation on instagram to spread some Classic T-shirt holiday joy @theclassictshirt

Family in Classic T-shirts decorating a Christmas tree

Beautiful fit and so comfy

Review by Ellen R. 

This shirt has become my go to for Covid era lounging on warm days. Before this shirt, all t-shirts fell into two categories: the rough-until-washed-to-death or the immediately-soft-but-see-through-after-a-few-washes, well let me tell you, the Classic T-shirt falls into the previously unknown and rare species of immediately-soft-and-no-changes-after-four-washes. Seriously the best shirts I’ve ever owned, worth the investment because these shirts will LAST. Planning on getting more so I never have to go without on washing day. 

On Womens Short Sleeve V Neck

The categories Ellen mentioned for her other T-shirts exist because of how most T-shirts are made. Industrial cotton is mass-produced so that it grows faster, whereas organic cotton is cultivated with care so that it grows stronger. Your investment pays off in that you won’t have to replace Classic T-shirts the way you would regularly replace other T-shirts, saving you time and money. 


First purchase ‘ Men’s Black V Neck ‘

Review by Eric S.

Big long time t- shirt aficionado ! Best t shirt on all levels ; can immediately see and feel the difference in the cotton of these shirts ‘ and it’s legit pre-shrunk ! My only critique would be v could be a drop lower ... Other than that small personal detail this shirt is the real deal - worth the slightly higher price point and checks all the boxes for both daily casual wear or for dressier occasions work under a sports jacket or on Its own 

On Mens Short Sleeve V Neck

High praise from a T-shirt aficionado! The high quality of the T-shirts is what makes them both versatile and comfortable. Eric’s feedback about the depth of the V-neck is certainly worth looking into for future releases--thank you for the constructive critique, Eric! A deeper cut V-neck men’s T-shirt is usually considered a more casual fit, whereas a more shallow V-neck like what we currently offer can give you more of a clean professional look that’s well suited for the office or working from home. What are your thoughts? We’re always considering your feedback and looking to help you find your favorite T-shirt, so we’ve been adding new colors to our short sleeve T-shirt collection


I love these t shirts

Review by George P. 

They are very comfortable. This is my second time I ordered from them. My first t shirt has lasted many washes for almost one year. It is still like new.

On Mens Short Sleeve Crew Neck

Always great to hear someone is back for more. As George points out, these T-shirts are made to last--both in terms of utility and quality. We expect you to be able to enjoy wearing your Classic T-shirt for many years to come. 

Man wearing a men's white long sleeve Classic T-shirt

Fantastic fit and feel — well worth the price

Review by Mark B. 

My daily uniform is black, crew neck, short sleeve t-shirts. I’ve burned through many brands that are inconsistent in fit and not long for the world as they wear out very fast. Beyond impressed with how well these shirts are made and weather many wears and washings. My new batch of crisp black shirts just arrived (“formal wear”) and my slightly faded original batch are still hanging in great for casual occasions :) 

On Mens Short Sleeve Crew Neck

Many people are finding that creating uniformity in their wardrobe helps them lead a more productive lifestyle by reducing trivial decisions like what to wear. As Mark points out, it’s hard to create consistency when you have to constantly replace T-shirts with new ones that might not fit the same. With T-shirts that are built to last, you get the best out of creating uniformity. By the way--be sure to wash your T-shirts in cold water to avoid fading! 


Great quality, so comfortable

Review by Alyssa L. 

The cotton is amazingly light and soft but feels durable. Keeps its shape, doesn’t stretch out. Looks great and feels great. The fit is perfect. I was nervous buying a women’s tee (I mostly buy men’s or unisex because women’s tees come in an absurd range of weird cuts and shapes) but these are perfect. I’m not usually a review writer but after receiving my first order I plan to gradually replace most of my tees with these. Recommend.

Try with confidence! Our Women’s T-shirts are designed with a “boyfriend fit” because we find it to be the most flattering and the most classic. Let us know how you’re liking your sustainable wardrobe, Alyssa!


Excellent Quality AND Customer Service

Review by Sharyl H. 

Only recently did I discover this terrific company. Based on sizing reviews, I originally purchased two shirts: a Women Long Sleeve V-neck in size Large for myself, and a Men's Long Sleeve Crew Neck in size XL for my husband. Both were way too large. (We each are slim, but have longer arms and broader shoulders). I reached out to Olga and she promptly arranged for an easy exchange ~ one of the fastest I've ever experienced.

We love our shirts ~ they are soft and the colors are lovely. Planning on ordering more ASAP. 

On Womens Long Sleeve Crew Neck

It’s our pleasure to serve, Sharyl. When in doubt, we recommend ordering a size up as Sharyl did, but if you realize something doesn’t fit quite right, we’re happy to help you find a better fit. Our goal is to always make exchanges and returns easy, that’s why we offer free free returns within 100 days.


Thank You For Supporting The Classic T-shirt Company

If there’s one thing to be grateful for this year, it’s the community that we’re building together. It’s thanks to your support that we’ve been able to continue creating ethically sourced 100% organic cotton T-shirts, and we’re so thrilled to see the impact these shirts have had for so many customers. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for a great holiday gift for your family, we thank you for being here.


Check out all of our reviews here.

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