Suit With V Neck: How to Rock It

Let me wager a guess: you went to a party and/or saw someone on a TV show rocking a blazer and V-Neck, then went out and tried it yourself.

And it completely flopped. In your head, you were Dwyane Johnson in Ballers, in practice you were Moby in well, anywhere really.

Maybe not those exact series of events, but you get what we mean. Rocking a suit with a V-Neck is the holy grail of casual-formal, and it’s one of the hardest to pull off - you either look like a stylish rockstar or an Andy Bernard Halloween costume.

Countless people have tried, but only a few succeeded. You don’t want to be in the failure group, that could lead to a lot of humiliation. Some say it would take a professional stylist to get you close to that perfect suave look, but we believe that with the right information, anyone can rock with this style.

Not to fret! A few considerations and you’ll be on your way, dapper dan.

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Step 1 - The Shirt


They say that the most important part of Sushi is its rice.

Well, the most important part of the suit and V-Neck look is the T Shirt. Believe it or not, every shirt is not made in the same way, and a bad tee can make or break your fit.

First things first, pick your color. Your two best options for this look are a white T-Shirt or a light grey T-shirt.

If you’re walking out the door with a beet red V Neck under your suit, you’ve definitely done something wrong. Don’t get me started on a pink shirt. I know they say that real men wear pink, but not in this case.

A clean, well-shaped white or slightly off-white tee is the only correct option in this combination. Black can work, but only in the rarest of outfits - for example, an all-black ensemble with some white shoes. And even then, your silhouette and skin color will play a role in deciding the way that it will look on you.

Plus having a pure black style with out any color contrast may not look very appealing. It will make you look dull and gothic. However, wearing either a white or grey tea can provide contrast to a dark suit. The idea is to have subtle, blended coloration to reflect a sophisticated fashionable appearance.

Quality is extremely important - nothing makes a suit-and-v combo fail quicker than a shirt that looks like it just came out of a hamper. Don’t get us started on how people just wear their shirts without ironing or straightening it.

Some t shirts are made of low quality material that after a few washes, the colors look worn out and it shrinks making you look too big for your suit. That is why, it is imperative to invest in a high-quality T-shirt brand that prioritizes quality, shape (thin, limited, well-placed lines) and healthy colors (no splotchy dyes!).

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Length is also important - you’re looking for a shirt that hugs your shoulders tighter than usual, and that goes about to your waistline. The ideal V Neck to pair with a suit is slightly smaller than your usual wear-by-itself shirt size.This is so the shirt can hug tightly to your body to give you a more toned and masculine fit.

The last thing you want is a floppy suit with V neck drape over you. You want something form fitting because the way you wear something says a lot about you. A form fitting outfit tell people that you have your priorities straight and you know what you are doing.

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Step 2 - The Kicks


The shoes are the second most important part of the ensemble. To really make a suit and V Neck look work, you’re dancing a fine line between formal and informal, and the shoes need to match that.

You essentially have three best choices:

  • Loafers: Either colors that match your pants, or offer a wooded accent to your outfit (brown, light orange, etc. when paired with black or white clothes). Loafers are the best choice, especially when paired with ultra-casual pants, like chinos.
  • Sneakers: If you’re feeling adventurous, sneakers can completely rock a suit and V Neck look. A simple pair of white shoes - think Vans or Chuck Taylors - paired with a black or navy suit can make the entire outfit pop. White sneakers are a good idea if you’re looking to be brave with your T Shirt choice and are opting for something black or (gasp) even striped.
  • Oxfords: A clean, brown pair of Oxfords pairs exceptionally well with colorful or light-colored suit combinations. For example, try dark brown oxfords, a light navy suit, and a clean white V Neck. That’s as timeless as it gets - just be careful pairing Oxfords with overly dark ensembles.

Keep in mind that colors play a huge role when it comes to shoes. You don’t want to wear bright colored shoes that stand out from your outfit. The last thing you want are people staring at your shoes in bewilderment.

Step 3: The Suit

Oddly enough, the suit is the least important part of this.

Follow all the usual rules - sleeve length just hugging your wrist, chest sized just wide enough that it doesn’t pinch around the buttons, pants that rest comfortably on the nape of your shoes. Keep the colors simple and classic and make sure that they complement your T-Shirt and your shoes.

The make and the texture of the blazer aren’t too crucial, but it does influence your T-Shirt choice. Avoid tweed blazers if you’re wearing off-white or textured T-Shirts, and avoid overly silky solids if pairing with shoes and T-Shirts with bold colors.

Accessories like sunglasses, pocket protectors, or colorful socks are allowed with discretion - and it depends on the context. Funkadelic socks can make your outfit pop at a cocktail party but definitely won’t work too well at an office formal.

In general, follow the simple adage: less is more. If your outfit looks great without adding a piece, don’t add that piece. A classic, high-quality T-Shirt alone can go a long way.

We have seen the horrors of people adding so many accessories to their outfit that it takes away the elegance and concept of a suit. The idea is to keep it simple and sophisticated. Afterall, simplicity goes a long way.

Why should you consider a suit with V neck?

The answer is why not. But if you are curious, here are the reasons why you should consider wearing a suit with v neck for your next party event:

Ties are uncomfortable

The traditional suite and tie can give you that gentlemanly look to impress the ladies, but let’s be honest, it’s very uncomfortable. You want to make sure the tie does not droop down, so it makes sense to tighten it up.

Unfortunately, that would increase the pressure around your carotid arteries, which may not end well for some people. Another thing about a tie is that it takes some skillful hands to do those windsor knots, and it would be embarrassing to ask how to do it because society expects you to know. Fortunately, with a suit and v neck combo, none of this complicated stuff matters.

Adding something new to the table

Usually everyone comes in to a formal gathering with a tie, suit, and button up shirt. If you do that, you will be a clone amongst other clones. However, with the suit and v neck combo, you be the cool kid on the block.

You will be the inspiration and motivation to be different, and to stand out from the rest of the crowd. If there’s a cute girl you like, you be the first person she notice.

Comfortable fit

Since the idea of a suit is to be form-fitting, then most likely the traditional way of wearing one would definitely be a little bit tight. This might not be a good idea if you are on the dance floor moving at the speed of light to the loud music.

If there’s a cute bridesmaid that you have a crush on, we can definitely tell you that having a button fly out and hit her eye is definitely not the way to ask her out. Now, if you are wearing a suit with v neck, you will feel more comfortable and flexible to move to the groove of the music.

This comfortable fit will feel like you are wearing pajamas to the event.

Bring out the bad boy in you

A suit and tie will make you look like a good boy, which is not a bad thing, but let's be real, girls go crazy over bad boys. With the suit and v neck, you will look like someone who does not follow the law, but in a good way. It gives you that relaxed, chill, and bad boy vibe. Because the outfit is so unique, it gives a sense of mystery, which makes the ladies craving for more.

What not to do with a suit with v neck


Now that you know what to do, let’s dive into what not to do so you don’t make the same mistakes that all the other guys make:

Horrible color coordination

Before walking out the door in your suit and v neck, please check the mirror. Better yet have a friend make sure that the color combo match. If you wear a bright orange v neck with a brown suit, then it’s a disaster waiting to happen. The best strategy is to have subtle contrast within the suit combination. For example, it is appropriate to have a grey or white v neck with a dark suit.

Low quality t shirt

The quality of the v neck shirt is very important. People make the mistake of purchasing a low quality shirt where the material and color looks dull and worn out. The best solution is to find a clothing store that specialize in t shirts so you get quality and wide variety of selections

Wrong type of shoes

If you wear flip flops or sandle with the suit and v neck combo, you are just asking for fashion suicide. The wrong type of shoes can make you look tacky and odd. However, the right style of sneakers or loefer can make you look suave, casual, and sophisticated.

Bad fitting

Some people feel comfortable wearing baggy shirts and jeans, but that will not be a good look in a suit and v neck combination. You don’t want the ladies to see you as a little boy wearing an oversized suit.

It’s a cute image if you are a kid, but not when you are a grown man. Even if you are wearing a v neck, it’s still essential to make sure it is form fitting to your body. A well-fitted suit should showcase your muscles and accentuate your body structure.

And that’s it! Simply, right?

The suit and V Neck is a classic look that’s extremely versatile. Done right, you’ll fit in just as well at a wedding as you would at a dive bar (well, okay, maybe not too divey).

The more you wear these fits and develop your own style, you’ll find yourself naturally breaking the rules - in fact, some of our biggest style icons over the last few years have rocked odd variations of this fit. This comes to show that rules are meant to be broken.

Once you find your own style, you can get creative and build a suit combo that works for you. Your style might be featured in a magazine or instagram garnishing many likes. With this in mind, people will start following your trend and style in hopes of being as cool and collected as you are.

However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind. Even as creative as you might be, but nothing can overpower a person’s confidence. A stunning suit with v neck combo will only be a disappointment if the person in it don’t have the confidence and flare.

(See: Hedi Slimane, David Tennant).

Ultimately, the man makes the clothes, and nothing betrays an outfit (especially one as bold as a suit combination) worse than low confidence. Pop your head up and strut - you look like a rockstar.

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